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Lots of celebrities are also fans. They have their dream role, and they do sometimes get a chance to use their tremendous platform to make a case for their casting. The latest person to use social media to try and strong arm casting agents is Ronda Rousey, the MMA superstar who recently said in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) that she’d like a crack at a particular Marvel superhero. “I’d like to vie for Miss Marvel,” she wrote. She meant Captain Marvel, who was promoted from Ms. Marvel a couple of years ago, and given Rousey’s stature, presence and long blonde hair, she would definitely be perfect for the part. And it seems that some artistically minded fans agree.  (more…)


Marvel Comics has been doing a good job diversifying its cadre of costumed heroes, from Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales, to Falcon being promoted to Captain America and Jane Foster taking on the mantle of the Mighty Thor. One of the most successful new characters though is Kamala Khan, the new Ms. Marvel, a Pakistani-American teenager who is the first Muslim character to headline her own comic book. The critical and commecial success of the new Ms. Marvel may naturally make people think she would easily make the transition to film, but would you want the filmmaker behind Punisher: War Zone to be the one that brings Ms. Marvel to the big screen? Well, she certainly does. (more…)


Just a few days ago, it was put out there (to the interwebz) that Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD would be getting a spin-off. With nothing officially announced at that time, it left fans to ponder what characters or stories from the world of SHIELD would be branching out – Inhumans, Agents of SWORD perhaps? Well, now, we have word that the proposed spin-off is a set to show some more familiar characters, with Mockingbird and Hunter being at the center of it.  Deadline Hollywood reports that Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood are finalizing deals for the new show. (more…)


Bad Ass Digest dropped a couple bombs about the future of the Avengers movie franchise. It’s all speculation and we should take it with a grain of salt, but at least it’s worth thinking about. It all boils down to contracts, phases and long-term goals. Luckily these are three things that Marvel Entertainment are masters at manipulating. First, contract limitations kind of prohibit A3 from being split up into two films as previously rumored. Second, this movie is the springboard for Marvel’s famously talked about Phase 3. And third, it’s possible that Thanos won’t be done with our happy heroes by the end of that film. And it all has to do with saying a temporary goodbye to some of our favorite players. Possible SPOILERS ahead. (more…)


Ms. Marvel aka Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers is an uber badass in the Marvel Comics continuum. And female fans have been dying to see her on screen because it’s awesome when someone who “looks like you” is a superhero. She’s just a powerhouse of cool and gets respect for it, making her a prime character for male fans to want to see also. In the comics and cartoons, her background is tightly connected to the space traveling history of ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy.’ So much so that most of us expected her to be introduced in the well-received summer blockbuster. But she wasn’t, leaving the thirsty still parched, with empty cups outstretched in anticipation. With the announcement of ‘GOTG2,’ there was hope for another chance at her debut. And director James Gunn recently addressed that very topic. (more…)


Marvel’s Phase Three is full of speculation. There have been rumors and reports of a Black Panther movie in the works, but they always get brushed aside. Fans screaming for a Ms. Marvel or Black Widow standalone project get placated with hems and haws. The Marvel Cinematic Universe was and is still dominated by white males kicking ass with magical hammers and high tech armor while the one girl hides behind wreckage, shooting at super aliens with bullets. Everyone saw that coming and accepted it when Phase Two expanded on that foundation. Phase Three was the hope for forward movement. Yet, with ‘Ant-Man’ beginning production just yesterday and ‘Doctor Strange’ being the new flavor of the month, the likelihood of any minority representation taking the lead gets slimmer every day. But these concerns don’t fall on deaf ears. They’re just being worked on with idle hands. (more…)


There’s been internet buzz about Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige’s remarks concerning the lack of female superheroes headlining their own films. It’s no secret that ladies in the action realm have had their ups and downs. For every one Ellen Ripley there’s a ‘Catwoman,’ an ‘Elektra,’ and a ‘Barb Wire.’ One could argue that the industry as a whole just down right doesn’t know what to do with ladies in power. But when considering the counter-argument, that with every ‘BloodRayne’ debacle, there are ‘Lara Croft: Tomb Raider,’ ‘Underworld’ and ‘Hunger Games’ success stories, the issue gets kinda confusing. If Marvel were to place bets on a female-led superhero film, where would it fit in their grand cinematic plan? And what character would be the best candidate? I think Katee Sackhoff might be trying to tell us something. (more…)



Nerd Media has been abuzz recently over the possibility of a standalone Black Widow film. Not so much because of the popularity of the character, but because it will be the first time a female Marvel hero stars in her own film, something fans have been waiting for ever since the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it was created.

But despite what Marvel Studios and president Kevin Feige have said in the past about the project–it now seems that they may be considering a new direction regarding the studio’s first superheroine flick:  (more…)


What a day for a ton of Avengers: Age of Ultron rumors. The latest, following today’s revelation that Paul Bettany had signed on to play The Vision, suggests that Ms. Marvel will also be joining the team in the upcoming sequel along with Vision, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. So should you believe it, or not? I don’t know, but the ranks of The Avengers are starting to sound a little swelled, don’t you think? (more…)