It’s a beautiful thing when a television series is so well produced with story lines so well executed that you’re left after each episode feeling like you’re a part of that world. It’s not such a beautiful thing anymore when people actually believe they are a part of that fantasy world, and act accordingly. Case in point: police say that 23 year old Damon Perry is on charge for a murder charge after killing friend Christopher Paquin. Perry explained that the cause of the killing was that Paquin had started to “change into a zombie”, and attempted to bite him. Probing deeper into the story, it was uncovered that the friends had spent the night before the murder was committed drinking, and that Perry had been binge-watching AMC‘s The Walking Dead on Netflix recently. All this culminated in Perry beating his friend to death, with heavy objects such as an electric guitar and a microwave. (more…)


In a surprising turn regarding a case that’s been considered “cold” for 32 years, charges of third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter were brought today against WWE legend Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka in the death of his then-girlfriend in 1983.  The charges were announced at a news conference Tuesday afternoon; Snuka was arrested at his home earlier in the day and arraigned at the Lehigh County Central Booking Center.  Snuka  was sent to the county jail with his bail set at $100,000.


Florida. Not like the rest of us.

Floridian resident Stephanie Pitsey, 18, is currently being held as an accessory for the murder of Jacob Hendershot, which is being being reported as a premeditated killing. Police say that Jacob was lured to a house where several of Pitsey’s friends brutally killed the 16 (!) year old, after which they proceeded to dump his body in a local storm drain. Now, while this is plenty fucked up as it is…it’s not even close to the weirdest part of the crime.

In a recent interview from behind bars Stephanie claimed <and hold on to your hats here people> that she is a half-vampire/half-werewolf hybrid! Whoa!

Are you shitting me? This isn’t Underworld and she sure as hell isn’t Scott Speedman, but her words may be true (as twisted as they are). Police claim that she and four others, also carrying similar charges, were members of a vampire cult, which may be the reasoning behind the killing in the first place.

Pistey said: “Since I was like, 12…I know this is going to be crazy, but I believe that I’m a vampire. Part of a vampire and part of a werewolf.” Pitsey denies drinking any of Hendershot’s blood, but has claimed to have drank the blood of fiance and co-defendant William Chase, 25.

I wonder if they’ll somehow find a way to trace this back to the whole Twilight thing and maybe force some government action against it. A man can dream, a man can dream.

Police are currently looking for, and expecting to arrest, a sixth person in connection to the crime in Florida.

Via: io9, CBS News

Amityville Horror House For Sale!

If any of you have ever wanted to be murdered in your sleep, then boy oh boy, this is the house for you! Made infamous by Ronald DeFeos’ mental breakdown in which he murdered his 6 family members one night in 1974. The realtor had this to say:

A beautiful 1927 colonial-style waterfront home with 5 bedrooms, 3 and a half baths, and a ton of history behind it in Long Island can be yours for as little as $1,150,000. The home has had many owners, some more notorious than others.”

WTF, NO I will not buy your demon house! This realtor is a sneaky fucker… “as little as $1,150,000” what crack is he/she smoking, and where can I get some? I’m not spending a million dollars just to be scared out of my mind. I could just as easily exchange $5 for unprotected sex with a South American prostitute and be just as worried. But, the realtor wasn’t as sneaky as I once had you believe. Including this underneath the previous passage.

The home gained its notoriety when Ronald DeFeos killed six family members while they were sleeping in 1974 and subsequent owners George and Kathleen Lutz claimed to be haunted for 28 days, which were detailed in the book “The Amityville Horror” (on the cover: “This book will scare the hell out of you”—Kansas City Star). However, James Cromarty, who lived in the house after the Lutzes were foreclosed upon, “Nothing weird ever happened, except for people coming by because of the book and the movie.

He forgot to include Satan jerking it in his bathroom, because this house is EVIL. That should display the house’s sheer and unending damnation of your soul. JK, but don’t buy this house! It’s a fixer upper… Enjoy!