Super Mario Kart

Super Mario Kart

Admit it – sometimes you drive or bike around town making vrooom-vrooom noises and imagining that there are blue sparks shooting out of your vehicle. Portland, Oregon, is giving you daydreamers a chance to get your Mario Kart on like Donkey Kong.

An unknown artiste has painted Mario Kart items onto the asphalt of Portland’s bike lanes on N. Williams Ave. Bananas, stars and mushrooms are well represented. Anyone want to get a group together to petition for Rainbow Road?

The video below describes the new road decoration. God bless local newscasts.

Source: Geekologie (with a tip from @fnbarrett)

Scary Shroom……Yikes!


I have always been a fan of the Mario Mushrooms and when I hear about some new toy/design/artwork that has been made I always want to take a peak and check it out. And then I ran into this thing. Honestly, I think I will have nightmares now. And I’m all for thinking outside the box and creativity but this shroom is scary. Parents: WARNING: May Cause Children To Run And Hide! Hell, the monsters that live under my bed have nothing compared to this guy. Created by Jaime, a Kotaku tipster, it is the perfect size to hang on your Christmas Tree…if you want to scare Santa away…It is made from acrylics and clay and is only $40 (current bid?)…more then a Hallmark Ornament…yikes! Order it here.