‘Myst’ TV Series Coming to Hulu?


If Nerd Bastards has learned anything by serving the socially awkward since our inception, its that there’s a shared history we all seem to have.  Of those many commonalities, one stands out – high school.  Now if you’re anything like us, the 1990s were spent arched over a monitor playing FPS’s and adventure saga’s, and dreading every day of your sophmore year.  Well rejoice you nerd bastard, Deadline is reporting that Legendary TV is developing a series based on the bestselling graphic adventure puzzle video game, Myst!  Warning – some spoilers if you’ve never played the game! (more…)

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Well bastards the latest game franchise to get a live action treatment is the very popular puzzle solving series MYST.

Roserock Films and Gran Via Productions are teaming to produce the film. They will join forces with Adrian Vanderbosch and Isaac Testerman of Mysteria Film Group, which obtained the rights from game developers Cyan Worlds.

Myst a series that centers on a secret civilization that can travel to other worlds. During the development of the sequel Riven, Cyan published a trilogy of novels explaining the backstory of the civilization known as The D’ni, the infinite number of worlds they could create and control and a young woman from Earth and her accidental intrusion into the D’ni society.

Apparently, producers will draw from the universe explored in these novels.

I’ve actually read these novels and they’re pretty darn good, from a fantasy-easy-read perspective anyway. The Myst universe certainly has a firm narrative foundation for feature adaptation.

I think this has the potential to be an amazing movie (or franchise if done right), they just need to find the right filmmakeers and get good budget to pull it off. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this story. Any other Myst fans out there?

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