Mystery Science Theater 3000

New Mystery Science Theater 3000 Trailer

Nearly two decades after the lights went out on the Satellite of Love, a new bejumpsuited buffoon and pair of  robot friends are set to power it back up for a revived Mystery Science Theater 3000. After an amazingly successful Kickstarter campaign ($5,764,229 from 48,270 backers making it the largest one for film or video… suck it, Veronica Mars movie!) show creator and original host Joel  Hodgson‘s beloved cult favorite film riffing TV show is set to return in the not to distant future. April 14th to be exact.

Ready for your first look? EW just released the exclusive trailer for the shows Netflix debut: (more…)


If you’re completely unaware of what Mystery Science Theater 3000 is, well, shame on you. The show was created by Joel Hodgson in 1988, premiering on local Minneapolis UHF station, WUCW (then known as KTMA). MST3K’s entire focus was showing low budget, B-grade films in their entirety while three characters (Joel and two robots known as Tom Servo and Crow) mocked the movies relentlessly, their silhouettes taking up the bottom fourth of the screen. It wasn’t until the show moved to Comedy Central, however, that it became a cult success, running for six seasons until 1997. After that it went onto SyFy (well, The Sci-Fi Channel back then), running for three more seasons until 1999. After that second cancellation, he powers-that-be in the show’s creative went on with their lives, many of them moving on to form RiffTrax. Then, in 2015, creator Joel Hodgson started a Kickstarter campaign to revive the show a third time. Needless to say, it was extremely successful. Now, finally, we’re finally getting more details of the revival at Comic-con. (more…)

MST3K Revival Adds Dan Harmon And Justin Roiland


I think it is safe to say that the Kickstarter started way down in Deep Thirteen is proving that there is a desire for more Mystery Science Theater 3000. With just over two days and one million dollars left in the fundraiser, it is at least confirmed that we will be getting 6 new episodes of riffing goodness and with each subsequent announcement of new cast members the excitement just continues to grow. We now know who will be the new Mads and their hapless victim, but little has been said about the writing staff, that is until now, and show creator Joel Hodgeson just dished up a juicy plate of fan favorites. (more…)


Ever since original Mystery Science Theater 3000 co-creator Joel Hodgson announced his Kickstarter campaign to create new episodes of the seminal geeky-late-night, movie-riffing television series, fans everywhere have been giddy with excitement.  The Kickstarter has already made enough to do a few episodes, with hopefully more to be unlocked as the campaign’s monetary total grows.  In a recent update, Hodgson announced that Felicia Day has been hand-picked to play the new Mad Scientist “token bad guy” in the MST3K reboot.



Thanks to a combination of initiative by original host Joel Hodgson, the wonderful world wide web, and generous contributions from viewers like you, we could soon be seeing brand new episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000! The Kickstarter goal is pretty steep, with $2,000,000 for three feature-length episodes and over $5,000,000 for a full twelve episode season, but with how fast these numbers have been climbing, the possibility doesn’t seem too out of reach!  For those of you that are unfamilliar with MST3K, here’s a little background info. The show is a cult classic, originally airing in the late 1980’s on Minnesota public access before getting picked up by Comedy Central and Syfy. This show tore into B-movies with a masterful mix of obscure pop culture references and just the right amount of snarky comments. (more…)


Way back in the days before Netflix and free internet streams, Comedy Central would hold a marathon on Thanksgiving Day of episode after episode, bad movie after bad movie, of Mystery Science Theater 3000. It made for a glorious afternoon. Then they committed sacrilege in 1997 when they canceled the annual holiday event, but this year MST3K creator, Joel Hodgson is bringing it back. (more…)

This week’s top ten is about impact. Deep Impact! Wait, no… the planet survived that one in the end… let me start again. This week’s top ten goes BOOM, the kind of boom the crumbles whole planets!

In the hallowed halls of Nerdom, be it in movies, print, television and even radio, are the remains of many a planet that for whatever reason had to be destroyed. Turning a planet into dust is the dream of super villains and asteroids everywhere and the nightmare of the life forms stuck to these cosmic dirtballs due the laws of gravity. Hell, even former vice-president Al Gore blew the earth up in his movie “An Inconvenient Truth” (at least I think he did… I sorta nodded off halfway through that one.)




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What’s up bastards! Here we are with another installment of NerdBastards’ weekly DVD Tuesday feature. We list what came out today and either recommend if it’s either a BUY, RENT, or PASS. This week, we got one in each category so check that out after the break.

As always, we got the Old is New Again and TV Show DVD that are worth checking out. So what are you waiting for? Check what came out after the jump and see if there is something you want!