Napoleon Dynamite

One of the many panels I missed at this years Comic-Con (due to being stock in Ballroom 20. Literally. There was gum on my seat and I couldn’t get up) was Mike Judge’s preview of FOX’s upcoming Napoleon Dynamite Animated Series. Let me digress here for a sec. Like the rest of you, I thought the idea for a cartoon was 7 years too late. Plus, nowadays it’s common place to hate on Napoleon Dynamite -mainstream quoting of the film resulted in a cultural backlash. However, a recent trailer shut me the fuck up. Maybe it’s  because the film was basically a live action cartoon anyway, but based off that footage, the cartoon seemingly lives up to, if not exceeds, the writing and humor of the movie. Really!

Anyway, at Comic-Con  FOX showed off a few clips from the series. I missed them then, but these clips are now online for your viewing pleasure and mine.

The series is scheduled to air on FOX Midseason 2012. Check out the four clips and a trailer below and tell us what you think!


2004 Fox Searchlight film, Napoleon Dynamite, is coming to a television set Midseason 2012 with the production of Napoleon Dynamite: The Animated Series. Announced for development last May, we finally get a quick look at what’s to be expected to with today’s trailer. The official plot info is as follows:

“Based on the hit film, NAPOLEON DYNAMITE is an animated series that follows the continuing adventures of America’s most awesome awkward teenager and his quirky family and friends as they struggle to navigate small-town life in rural Idaho.”

After watching this trailer, the first thing that struck me was the familiarity of the art and design of the characters body and faces. Don’t look at me like I’m a dumbass! It turns out that the animation house in charge of this project is no one other than Rough Draft Studios who worked on projects like Futurama, and The Simpsons Movie.

But with this familiarity aside, I would like to point out that this series will be released 11 years after its predecessor, the film Napoleon Dynamite, was released in 2004. Are all the bells and whistles of popularity a little late? I’m straddling the fence here. The comedy is funny and clean, which is unique compared to all the other animated comedies on the FOX Network, but since this will be waiting another year before release I’m not sure it’ll last. 5 episodes is my bet before cancellation, but I may be proven wrong. Love the concept, but it’s a bit late on the implementation. Watch the trailer, and leave your thoughts or comments below.


After six years of quotations and impersonations, 2004’s cult classic hit Napoleon Dynamite is returning. Only they’re bringin him back as a cartoon.  According to a report from MediaBistro 20th Century Fox is developing pilot for a proposed animated series. Most of the original cast have signed on to reprise their roles from the film, including: Jon  Heder as Napoleon Dynamite, Efran Ramirez as Pedro, Aaron Ruell as Kip Dynamite and Jon Gries as Uncle Rico. The report also goes on to say that director Jared Hess and co-screenwriter wife Jerusha will be involved. In addition, if Fox picks the project up they will add it to their Sunday night lineup.

So, not only is this a sign that Fox is officially out of ideas but aren’t they 6 years too late with this? Way to strike while the iron is hot Fox, way to go. Actually, isn’t it trendy to hate on Napoleon Dynamite nowadays? Sure the flick was hilarious when it was an underground hit but ever since it hit the mainstream and got over qouted and over exposed it’s been culturally shit on. Folks would rather be mauled by a liger than watch a Napoleon Dynamite cartoon. “Gosh” Fox is an “Idiot”.


Hello NerdBastards readers, it’s another Tuesday, and while it may not be about man trying to make black holes, it’s the weekly DVD Tuesday. Usually, we here at NerdBastards, we highlight what comes out and say whether if it’s a BUY, RENT, or PASS but for today, since it is the start of a new fiscal year, nothing really new is coming out other than re-releases and/or Blu-Ray release of something old. So today and possibly the next few weeks, it’ll be more of a heads up on what is released and maybe you’ll be persuade into buying something you may already own or be happy with what ya have. Also, no Anime DVD pick of the week but there is something else at the end to make up for it. (more…)