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Everyone’s been speculating about who will end up playing Hank Pym in Marvel Studio’s Ant-Man movie ever since Edgar Wright showed up at SDCC and played some test footage for the crowd. Nathan Fillion was an Internet favorite for the part, but he’s shot that down a couple of times in interviews. Today we’ve got another of the rumored Ant-Man favorites, Armie Hammer. He recently visited the set of Captain America: The Winter Soldier while traveling as part of Disney‘s press junket for The Lone Ranger and this set visit has many people in the know asking, is Armie Hammer Ant-Man?

Amy Nicholson remembered that Wright had also visited the set and cornered Hammer for a few questions, let the Ant-Man interrogation began:

So, you and Edgar Wright visited the Captain America 2 set…

Me and Edgar? Who’s Edgar? The actor?

The director. Edgar Wright.

Edgar Wright?

Is this an act? If this is an act, you’re convincing.

No, it’s not an act. Who’s Edgar Wright?

The supposed director of Ant-Man.

Of what?


Ant-Man? Oh! Wait! You think you know something! No, there’s nothing! What do you know? What’s the rumor?

That you were spotted on the Captain America 2 set with Edgar Wright.

No, there’s nothing.




I promise. I promise-promise. Ant-Man?

You’re saying it like you’ve never heard of him before.

No, I know the character Ant-Man—like, the comic book character.

You can’t tell me that this is the first time you’ve heard the rumor that you’re playing Ant-Man.

First in my life. I swear to god, cross my heart, hope to die. Amy! [Turns to his publicist Amy, who says, ‘”I’ve never heard of that ever ever. Who’s Ant-Man?”] They make him shrink! You’re a news-breaker right there.

Potentially fictitious, apparently.

Well, it works. [Fake enthusiasm] I’m doing Ant-Man, I’m very excited about it. Me and Edgar.


I did go visit the set, though. Not with Edgar.

With who?

Just by myself.

Any reason?

Um… a buddy of mine was working on the movie so I just wanted to go say hi.


Wow, Armie can two-step questions like no ones business. Does this put the nail on the “Who’s playing Ant-Man Coffin?” Not really, but it’s fun to see these actors dance around whatever non-disclosure contracts or letters of intent they must be signing with Disney.

Do you think Armie would make a great HankPym? I know everyone wants Nathan Fillion to jump into the Marvel Universe, but with his Castle contract, that doesn’t look like a near future possibility. What do you think?

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Fans of the DC Animated Universe (other wise known as the Timmverse after producer Bruce Timm) should hear a few familiar voices when Justice League: Doom sees release in early 2012. TV Guide broke the news:

Castle star Nathan Fillion will reprise the role of Green Lantern, which he first played in Green Lantern: Emerald Knights. He’ll be joined by Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy, the longtime voices for Superman and Batman, respectively. Rounding out the cast are several of Conroy’s old costars from Cartoon Network’s 2001-06 Justice League series (known as Justice League Unlimited in later seasons):Smallville’s Michael Rosenbaum as the Flash, Alias alum Carl Lumbly as Martian Manhunter and veteran voice actress Susan Eisenberg as Wonder Woman. Cyborg, a character not seen on Justice League, joins the group for this movie and will be played by Bumper Robinson (The Game).

Yes! As far as voice talent goes, this is the greatest Justice League yet. Tim Daly has always been great as Superman. Kevin Conroy is and always should be the voice of Batman (take notes, Christian Bale, and stop gargling with cigarette butts and broken glass.) As far as Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan, well he should have been the Green Lantern in the live action movie, damn it, but let’s let that sleeping dog lie.

Ripped from the pages of Mark Waids JLA, the movie is loosely based on issues #43 to 46, the “Tower of Babel” arc. Ra’s al Ghul steals Batman’s secret files that reveal how to defeat each member of the League. Asses are kicked. Names are taken. The adaption was written by the late Dwayne McDuffie. Those last two words tell me this will be good.

A trailer for Justice League: Doom will premiere at New York Comic Con on Friday, October 14th, and will also be included on the Batman: Year One DVD, on sale Tuesday, October 18th.

Sources: TV Guide and Comic Alliance

Nathan Fillion has always been a proactive force for good in the world. If he isn’t flying the space lanes looking for work for his crew, he’s putting murders behind bars in between publishing mystery novels, or pounding villains senseless while singing catchy tunes. Nathan has now turned his couragous, unflinching, tireless efforts to the Gamer issue – Swamp Gas. All gamers have had the condition, most are not brave enough to tackle the issue publically, many just squirm on the couch or swivel chair from which they play their games.

Thank you Nathan. Thank you for making the world a better place.

The last couple of months have seen some crazy Firefly news running rampant, with online campaigns to raise the funds to buy the Firefly rights, give them back to Joss Whedon, and get the show back on television. All this based on an offhand tweet by Nathan Fillion. There were writers, actors, and fans all willing to get the ball rolling until it looked like it might take off and the whole thing was kiboshed by a Whedonite insider. Everyone pretty much wrote the whole thing off as a wonderful idea that would never be.

So I was floored when I read this mornings Entertainment Weekly interview with Mark Zuckerberg. That’s right; the Facebook guy is a big Firefly fan and has BOUGHT THE RIGHTS TO FIREFLY!

In the interview Zuckerberg tells of watching the show while still at Harvard with his long time girlfriend Priscilla Chan, pictured here.

“She (Priscilla) kept asking me to watch this new Scifi show. It ended up being a cool thing we enjoyed together.”

“When I showed her the Facebook page devoted to buying the Firefly rights and giving them back to Joss Whedon, she joked that I should just buy it, so I had some people look into it.”

Zuckerberg would not disclose the final buying price from 20th Century FOX, although it is rumored to have been in the $75 to $100 million dollar range. He went on to explain his plans to offer the television episodes and Serenity movie on Facebook’s new movie rental platform. As for new Firefly material, Zuckerberg says “he’ll leave that up to the experts.” Maybe an expert like Joss Whedon?

Could this be a wedding gift for Priscilla? Zuckerberg squashed that question pretty quick, but did add that he hoped to convince her to appear in the new episodes of Firefly; he even joked that he had a character name for her, “April Sloof”

I can’t wait to hear what Nathan Fillion, Joss Whedon, and the Firefly fans think about this news. Get that browncoat out of the closet, Nathan!