(Article by Nerd Bastards contributor Lauren Metcalf)

The film Frankensteins Army from Dutch director Richard Raaphorst has a very old-world feel. Its creepy and chilling in a way that overly gory movies just can’t match. You can just tell that the hipsters will be very cooly ironic about this. “It has art merits due to the found footage feel however the execution was poorly done and the original Frankenstein is so much better because…” What the fuck ever. This movie is hopefully as cool as the teaser clips. I loved the creep factor, the lack of actual sound paired with background music akin to The Exorcist and The Ring. The inclusion of WWII should feel tired, but it doesn’t. Here is a synopsis of the plot from Twitch:

Toward the end of World War II, Russian soldiers pushing into eastern Germany stumble across a secret Nazi lab, one that has unearthed and begun experimenting with the journal of one Dr. Victor Frankenstein. The scientists have used the legendary Frankenstein’s work to assemble an army of supersoldiers stitched together from the body parts of their fallen comrades – a desperate Hitler’s last ghastly ploy to escape defeat.

In general, I’m bored with zombies. It got a little old after all of the Day of the Dead remakes. Shaun of the Dead was a notable exception, but only because it had the twist of being very, very funny. However this Dutch film seems to be putting together (pun!) a different feel. Raaphorst is trying for something darker and different. Hopefully the final product will live up to expectations. Theres no indication from sources of what the film will end up as. Could be all found footage, could not.

Watch the clips and see what you think. The very first (and newest) teaser made me jump!



Sucker Punch: What Did You Think?
While everyone only seems to be interested in what Zack Snyder is doing with the upcoming Superman reboot, the dude had a little movie come out this weekend that is being given a collective “Pfft!”. The flick is ‘Sucker Punch‘ and it’s a real shame it’s being over looked. It’s a fan-boy, girl-power, fantastical. Sexy girls fighting dragons, robots, steampunk zombie Nazi’s and giant, gun-toting samurai. Excuse me while I mop my nerd juice off the floor.

OK, I will admit the story is ridiculous. Horrid even. Or, at least it plays out horribly. It goes goes a little something like this. A young girl named Baby Doll seeks to escape the insane asylum that she’s been thrown into where she will receive a lobotomy. She plans her escape with four other girls, where they have to collect five items to help them break out of the asylum. Fair enough, right? Well, this is where it gets bizarre. To execute the plan, Baby Doll must use her dance skills and jazz hands to hypnotize/seduce the guards and other asylum/club (oh ya, the Asylum is a front for a sex/dance club. Don’t ask.) employees. Of course, we never actually see here dance. When she begins to dance she closes her eyes and suddenly the world around her disappears. In her minds eye, we see a crazy imaginary world in which Baby Doll and the other girls set out to accomplish their missions. Enter the dragons, robots, steampunk zombie Nazi’s..etc. It’s a bit jarring. You’re vested in whats happening in the real world and then you’re interrupted by these 15 minute video-game type sequences of pulse pounding, OMGWTFBBQ, bat-shit crazy action. The latter serving no purpose other than to be awesome.

So the the story is not solid by any means. Same goes for the dialogue and acting. If you take any of it seriously you’re gonna feel like you were sucker punched. Just sit back and watch it for the visual experience it is. Besides Snyder’s not known for his talent in writing, but for his vivid imagination. It’s style vs. substance and in ‘Sucker Punch’ Snyder flexes every sci-fi art muscle he has. If you “let yourself go” (common theme in the flick) you will be astounded at the collection of incredibly awesome, visually stunning action sequences brought before you. It’s nerd wish fulfillment at its finest. And, has enough “Yes We Can” girl-power attitude to keep Hot Topic in business.

I certainly enjoyed it. Of course, simple things like gothed up girls being complete badasss amuse me. Should I be more mature? More critical? Probably, but throw enough eye candy my way and I’ll be too entranced to care.

What say you?