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Aaron Paul Playing Han Solo

Next year after the release of J.J. AbramsStar Wars: The Force Awakens, we will have more of an idea of where the franchise is going with Rian Johnson’s (The Brothers Bloom, Looper) Star Wars: Episode VIII and Episode IX going into pre-production . However, the films that will remain fairly elusive are the planned spin-offs, which will be released in between the J.J. Abrams and Rian Johnson’s films. There are three projects  – two which will be directed by Gareth Edwards, and one by Josh Trank – that could be potentially set at any point in the Star Wars timeline and could follow many different directions and branch out into an infinite number of stories. A rumor that has been running rampant the last couple of years, has been the speculation that one of the spin-offs could center on a Han Solo adventure, and the rumor has just been given a boost following a report that it is, in fact, true. (more…)


The BastardCast, a podcast (how original). A program barely alive (that’s harsh). Gentlemen (and woman named Karen. Hi Karen), we can rebuild it. We have the technology (microphone, headset, glass of Scotch, and a growing collection of robot sidekicks) we have the capability to build the world’s first bionic podcast (more or less). The BastardCast will be that podcast (tada). Better than it was before (is that really a challenge?). Better, stronger, faster (Kanye?). On the show this time, Jeremy, Jason, and the ghost of the American dream (TOPICAL!) plunder forth to discuss… (more…)

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Some you out there (myself included) have no interest in sitting down and watching giant human beings run into each other for hours on end. We do, however, have a certain desire to see all those fancy new movie trailers that the Super Bowl attracts. So we here at Nerd Bastards, as a courtesy to our non-football readers, have put together the ten big trailers that dropped this Sunday. Some of them are older, some of them are being seen for the first time. So scroll down and get a healthy dose of explosions, fast cars, rampaging Muppets, a double dose of Kevin Costner and Optimus Prime riding Grimlock! (more…)

"Dude, what do you mean all the product has gone bad. LA Looks is supposed to last FOREVER!"

“Dude, what do you mean all the product has gone bad? LA Looks is supposed to last FOREVER!”

Aaron Paul has given up on crank and developed a need… a Need for Speed (Val Kilmer high five!).

He also seems to have developed a penchant for over-grand voiceovers in the first trailer for the upcoming vroom vroom epic, which also stars Dakota Johnson, beetlejuice… Beetlejuice… MICHAEL KEATON, the guy who played Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper), Imogen Poots, and the equally well named quadrumvirate of Sir Maejor, Kid Cudi, Han Soto, and Chillie Mo.



Every year, for three days at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, various companies get together to show off all their latest upcoming projects at the annual Las Vegas Licensing Expo. All the toys, games and television for the next few years will get previewed in some capacity, but one of the biggest highlights are Hollywood’s upcoming movies.

Between an opening keynote speech from Gwyneth Paltrow and an opening night party co-hosted by Flo Rida, the expo gives studios like Lionsgate and Warner Bros. their first chance promoting what could be a blockbuster film. Thankfully, the guys and gals of Coming Soon will be in attendance at the event providing those of us that forgot to reserve our tickets an exclusive look at films like Godzilla, Fast and Furious, its clone Need for Speed and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It’s a nice way to show us all what we’re going to be flaming message boards and spending money on in the next few months.

Check out all the posters in the gallery below.

A few of these are certainly coming out of left field, but seeing as all the kids love talking chipmunks and birds, it’s no surprise that Rio 2 and Alvin and the Chipmunks 4 are coming our way. One rather unpleasant surprise, however, is Ninja Turtles, which dropped the “teenage mutant” that has become so synonymous with the franchise. What’s the matter, Michael Bay, you couldn’t just continue to drive Transformers into the ground? You had to bring our pizza loving turtle friends down too?

Mild nerd rage aside, it’ll be interesting to see where some of these movies go; their release dates are up to two years away, and many of these are only just getting off the ground. Maybe we’ll happily embrace all of these in the months come… except Ninja Turtles.

Source: Coming Soon


People love street racing games. They allow us experience all sorts of thrilling, illegal actions, without all the jail time and incidents involving dropped soap. Just look at the Fast and Furious franchise, its on it’s sixth film with nothing more than fast cars and a case of Tokyo drifting. Easy to see why Dreamworks is cashing in on the racing film phenomenon with their adaptation of a Need for Speed.

Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the game franchise, Dreamworks and their Need for Speed project have already signed several young up and comers, and now they’ve upped their “game” hiring a Batman…well, our generation’s Bruce Wayne at least.

Veteran actor and two-time Batman Michael Keaton has joined the cast as “the reclusive and eccentric host of an underground supercar race where he invites the best drivers from around the world.”

Essentially he’ll be Bruce if he grew up without the theater incident and kept all the money and power, but it sounds more like a supporting role according to the synopsis from Heat Vision:

The story tells of a local street-racer (Paul) who partners with a rich and arrogant business associate (Cooper), only to find himself framed by his colleague and sent to prison. After his stint in the joint, he joins a New York-to-Los Angeles race to get revenge. But when the ex-partner learns of the scheme, he puts a massive bounty on the racer’s head, forcing him to run a cross-country gauntlet of illegal racers in all manner of supercharged vehicles.

With the backing of a great cast including Aaron Paul and Dominic Cooper, as well as Imogen Poots, Rami Malek and actor/musician Kid Cudi in supporting roles, the film has a solid number of notable names. Having Michael will help bridge the youth gap.

Need for Speed is being written by George Gatins, in conjunction with his brother and producer John Gatins, Mark Sourian and executive producer John Brooks Klingenbeck. It will race into theaters on February 7th, 2014.

Source: Screen Rant