city-of-edmonton-wolverineMetropolis, Illinois, has a 15-foot-tall statue of Superman, Detroit will (eventually?) unveil a 10 foot bronze rendition of RoboCop and one day Edmonton, Alberta, could have life size tribute to Wolverine. Well, that’s the goal a new online petition is trying to achieve. Yes, I know, frivolous online petitions are so 2013, but seeing as the insanely popular Marvel character was reportedly born in the Canadian province  and is currently set to die in the comics some time soon, it’s not a stretch to say it might be well timed and even more well deserved.  (more…)


Let’s start by saying that Guillermo del Toro‘s Pacific Rim was the pure definition of a popcorn movie. Mindless meaningless fun meant to dazzle and entertain without asking the viewer to get to invested into it. The kind of movie you just sit back, relax, turn off the higher functions and enjoy; right? Wrong. We are nerds and that is not what nerds do.

Get ready to nitpick!

The fine folk over at CinemaSins have turned their acerbic wit to the giant-robo-on-giant-monster epic to compile nine minutes of the movies most egregious errors. Truth be told, it is really hard to argue with some of these (and personally I loved the crap out of Pac Rim,) check it out for yourself after the jump. (more…)


There is no denying that the Iron Throne from HBO‘s Game Of Thrones is iconic. The seat of kings in the Seven Kingdoms, and according to legend made up of a thousand blades, heated in the breath of the dragon Balerion the Black Dread.  A monstrosity of spikes and jagged blades recognizable even to those who do not watch the show. Too bad it is way too tiny and modest according to writer/creator George R.R. Martin.

Taking to his LiveJournal, Martin unveiled a painting closer to what he see’s with his minds eye when writing the books.

Brace yourself, big ass awesome furniture is coming… (more…)


Ok, this one doesn’t need much set-up, but you may need a handkerchief by the end. While speaking at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment expo this past Saturday Wil Wheaton, everyone’s favorite starship ensign/Twitter star (and actor and writer and all around awesome guy,) was asked by an audience member/new mom to explain why being a nerd is awesome to her newborn baby girl. His response was perfect, amazing, and very heartstrings tugging.

I dare you to find a flaw in his logic!

Via: Laughing Squid

Get ready to mist up a little here. For a kid, having to spend any amount of time in hospital has to be tough. Well, the other day a quartet of window washers helped brighten an afternoon up at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. Four men from Allegheny Window Cleaning Inc. donned superhero costumes and took to the skies… well, to the windows.

The companies president, Edward Matuizek, said the scheme was his wife’s idea after she heard about a similar stunt happening in the UK. This past monday (Oct 22) after the facilities director Elizabeth Munsch gave the go ahead Rick Bollinger, Mark Errico,  Ed Hetrick,  and Jim Zaremba suited up as Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and Captain America in a heart warming DC/Marvel crossover that was a hit with the residents of the hospital.

Errico, the Captain America of the four said “The kids were loving it, everywhere we went, they were coming in from different rooms.


Source: UPI via io9


Former American comic book writer, editor, publisher and now full time personal promotion machine Stan Lee has taken to YouTube as of late with a feature titled Stan’s Rants.

It is exactly what you think it would be. Completely bat-crap insane. It is obviously just a giant goof put on by comic books greatest pitchman, at least I hope so. If not, ‘The Man‘ is starting go 3 parts short of a Fantastic Four.

Up after the jump you can watch Mr. Lee speak about being a playable character in the Amazing Spider-Man tie-in game and also his idea for sequel to the movie. A sequel that actually sounds pretty freakin’ sweet.

and insane.


In the Great Hall of the Justice League there are assembled the world’s 2 greatest heroes created from the cosmic legends of the universe — Captain Hudson and Jason Man — there mission: to fight injustice, to fight that which is wrong, and to serve all mankind… with a podcast.

This week on the Bastardcast, Jeremy and Jason suggest some nerdy Olympic counter programming, talk about why chicken restaurants don’t want to serve gay muppets, and then tackle the DIRTY NERDY CONFESSIONS with a special, mystery guest. They also read some tasteful selections from 50 Shades of Grey(Skull)* and then in the first of a special, hard hitting expose, Jason and Jeremy Discuss Whether Old Crap or New Crap is Better If They Don’t Have Anything Else to Talk About: Action Figure Edition. Come for the laughs, stay for the subtle French bigotry.

*Apparently Jimmy Fallon did a similar 50 Shades of Greyskull bit last night. We were unaware of this when we recorded ours because we watch Craig Ferguson when we don’t feel like watching Adult Swim. Also, ours is better. Sorry, it’s the truth.

The magic hashtag: #50ShadesOfGreyskull

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Firstly, let me say Happy Towel Day to all the hoopy froods out there with towel close by and Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster in hand. Secondly, if what I just wrote is lost on you then you clearly have missed out on one of the greatest book/radio play/TV series/video game/comic book/disappointing Hollywood movie  ever created. Thirdly, apparently it is a stage show now too.

The classic The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, from the sadly less than immortal Douglas Adams, will be taking to the stage with the cast from the radio play for a 24 date tour. June 8th to July 21st fans will be treated to an insanely faithful performance of the original radio script by all the surviving cast: Simon Jones as Arthur Dent, Geoffrey McGivern as Ford Prefect, Susan Sheridan as Trillian, Mark Wing-Davey as Zaphod Beeblebrox, the voice of Stephen Moore as Marvin The Paranoid Android  (Neil Gaiman fills in for the late Peter Jones as the Voice of the Book) all under the direction of Dirk Maggs.

Everything about this production is absolutely perfect. Well, except one thing.

Now, if you are a fan of HHG2G and are NOT currently in the United Kingdom, well… the tour is just for the limeys apparently. They will however be releasing some downloads from the various shows on the official website.

Personally? Well… if I start swimming now…

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.


WATCH: A Candid Look Into The Life Of A Stormtrooper

Ever since the pre-historic days of funny internet videos (1997) and the release of the COPS/Star Wars parody, Troops, the white armored foot soldiers of the empire have been fuel for the funny video fire. Death Star PR recently released the following candid look in to the life of a Stormtrooper.

It’s a compilation of things they might exclaim throughout their daily lives.

Ok, it’s a ‘shit _____ says’ video.

Now before you start yelling at your screen, I know, I am aware that meme played itself out long ago, but this is one is Star Wars related, so it’s worth a watch. It’s up after the jump.


Over the weekend there was a healthy diet of Titanic due to James Cameron’s 3D re-release, oh and the whole 100th anniversary of the boat vs iceberg battle royale. After already making over a billion the first time around, it looks like a lot of people went to see it again since it clocked in at number 3 at the box office over the weekend.

I was not one of those tricked or dragged into seeing it. I won’t be either.

If there is one thing I have learnt in my many years of being dragged back to the theater to shell out another $15 bucks for a movie I’ve already seen, it’s that you need more than just a crappy flip into 3D to be worth it. Cameron need’s to learn a little from the king of the re-release. George Mutha-effin Lucas. You need to special edition that biatch up, friend!

Luckily YouTuber  gives us the Titanic we want. Hell he even adds in some J.J. Abrams and Micheal Bay for good measure.

Explosions, sea monsters, storm troopers and lens flares abound in Titanic SUPER 3D!

Source: Geek Tyrant