This week on The BastardCast, Jason and Jeremy are visited by internet Land Baron Matthew Jackson and a case of the sillies. What will they discuss? All of it.

Oh, you have a thirst for detail and a hunger for madness? Aren’t you the lucky bumble bee, cause this week, the boys and guest boy #1 discuss the persuasive charms of fried chicken, Vin Diesel‘s illuminating Facebook page, NERF‘s war against zombies and the children who have an appetite for squishy genocide, and the limited brilliance of Sharknado (needs more Nado and more Home Alone references!).

Also on the show: Bryan Singer tweets the back of maybe Michael Fassbender‘s head (and other parts), a porn company wants to work with Paula Deen (but not her pie), we ask Matt if robots knock-a-da-boots in PAC Rim, a couple of people take issue with the way Captain Kirk fancies cats.

Do you require more sustenance?! Suck on this, Pinky Tuscadero: we’ve got a full throated discussion on the critical roundhouse throat kick being delivered to Grown Ups 2, wonder about whether the possible X-Force movie could bring about Deadpool’s cinematic rebirth while also making Rob Liefeld‘s nipples hard, and a celebration of the brave cheetah who almost took out Adam Sandler on the Serengeti.

All that and the band, Coco Phunk and the Methhead Conquistadores (w/ special guest Slow Motion Jeez Rocket)The Cheetah that almost killed Adam Sandler

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The BastardCast: They will find us with no pants and all of the chicken wing bones.

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As a child we all use to watch Saturday morning cartoons. In the middle of our favorite programming were A.D.D. induced sales pitches for toys. After these commercials aired the kids response to the products were “gimme gimme gimme” or “mine mine mine.” How could they resist! After looking back and researching I was also brought back to the “gimme gimme, mine mine” days. So here is your list! An homage to all the toys you may have wanted. I also urge you to find some of these toys today! I think the lucky bastards that got them are still holding on to them!


Once again, the internet has been a great place for people to show off their skills and talent while all I can do is list probably over hundred name puns of the many Dragon Ball-Z-GT characters. Moz, from the very talented 405th Halo Cosplay Community, took some cheap dollar store toy and a Nerf gun apart and the picture above is the results. Why can’t the actual folks from Nerf do this for any franchise? It would sell like hot cakes but then again, it would probably look lame and be a much smaller gun than it should be. Anyway, check after the jump for more pics and a video of the Nerf Ma5B Assault Rifle in action. Now excuse me as I go do my other talent, which is to sit on the toilet and waste toilet paper. (more…)