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Well, we’ve got something like nine months before there’s a new season of Doctor Who. As we struggle through these months awaiting new Who we must latch on to just about every bit of Whovian news. Collected here are some Who-related bits, like Steven Moffat talking to the Radio Times about series seven, a video about how Who was made in the 1970s, as well as a gallery of photos featuring Karen Gillan as 1960s model, Jean Shrimpton. A role she’ll be playing in the new BBC film, We’ll Take Manhattan.

The Radio Times recently caught up with Steven Moffat, demi-god of the Whoniverse, and had a few questions for him about, surprise!, the next season of Doctor Who. Moffat promised we’d have “at least” 14 episodes next season. That’s 13 regular season episodes and a Christmas special. Good to know after this drought a lot of new Who is heading our way.

Also on the horizon is Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary in 2013. “There will never be a better time to be a Doctor Who fan, I absolutely promise you that,” Moffat says. Ooh. That exciting. I really hope they pull out all the stops for the 50th anniversary. It’s an impressive milestone for any television series, but particularly one that’s been, mostly, consecutive.

Watch the short, sadly un-embeddable, interview with Moffat at the Radio Times.



Big, big news! The Bluths are back. Announced last night, Netflix has struck a deal with 20th Century Fox and Imagine television to revive the critically acclaimed sitcom on their streaming service. New episodes will begin airing in 2013.

There has been so much buzz on the if, the when, the where and the how of Arrested Development‘s return it’s a relief to finally hear some good news. Show creator, Mitch Hurwitz had announced earlier this year at New Yorker Festival he was interested in reuniting the show’s stars for another go, either on the big or small screen. Now it seems we’ll be able to watch the Bluths on just about any screen! Well, any screen attached to a Netflix-ready device.

Chief content officer for Netflix, Ted Sarandos said,

Arrested Development is one of the finest American comedies in TV history and its return through Netflix is a perfect example of how we are working closely with studios and networks to provide consumers with entertainment they love.

For Netflix this is terribly impressive feather in their cap. The DVD-by-mail/instant streaming company has definitely had its ups and downs this year. Okay, particularly the downs what with the the outrage over their price increase and their dalliance with splitting their services and creating the unfortunately named, Qwikster. Their new venture into original programming seems to be paying off, in addition to new Arrested Development Netflix will also be premiering a 22-episode adaptation of the BBC drama House of Cards next year. House of Cards has Kevin Spacey attached to star and David Fincher listed as executive producer.

Looks like everything’s coming up Milhouse…uhh…I mean, Netflix.

Pumped for the return of Arrested Development? What do you think about it coming exclusively to Netflix? Should the TV networks and cable companies begin to worry?

At my house we’ve already ditched cable and rely solely on Netlix Instant and Hulu for our television entertainment needs. What are your thoughts on the future of TV, is instant, streamable content the way of the future?

Source: Variety

What will you be doing tonight at 10pm, eastern time? Watching the premiere of new Futurama, right? You damn well better be. We nerds have worked too hard to stop our beloved animated program from disappearing, we can’t drop the ball now. Everyone should be watching tonight in the hopes we can top the numbers of their big return to television last year, which brought in 3 million viewers! Futurama currently has over 14 million fans on Facebook so if even half of those fans watch the not one, but two new episodes tonight Futurama will set records.

Tonight starts the second half of season six with 13 episodes, completing the full order of 26. Comedy Central has already, smartly, ordered another 26 episodes which will air in two chunks keeping us hopped up on BenderĀ into 2013. Below we’ve got some special sneak peak clips of the upcoming episodes just in case you were considering skipping out. Which you weren’t, right? Good.

Let’s recap, new Futurama tonight, 10pm (e) on Comedy Central. There will not only one but two new episodes, so that’s a whole hour of new Futurama. You better be there, or it’s some terrible level of robot hell for you. Most likely with singing.