Just this morning I was thinking that there really isn’t enough cartoons about ultra-violent sociopaths racing around the universes in a spaceship shaped like a T-Rex (with boobs) searching for monsters and boobs and stuff. As luck would have it,’s HappyHarry, aka Harry Partridge, has released The Starbarians: Episode 1 “The Starbarians Die“. The boobs are bulbous, the violence¬†gratuitous, and the language is explicit.

Yea… unless you work at a real cool place, it’s probably NSFW. You can watch it after the jump.



What in the blue hell did I watch? Seriously, Cortana in some alien tentacle hentai would make more sense then this.

I really have no idea how to explain this cartoon other than it portrays how some people may overreact when they get the game they were waiting for and think it is the most awesome thing ever. Well, that would be a way to explain what this video is about but the only way to find out is to watch it. It’s about a minute long and who knows, this may be one of the most messed up Halo cartoon you will ever watch.

Source: Dorkly