Nic Pizzolatto

Film Title: Red Eye.

It’s been a big news week for True Detective fans as information about the second season of the critically-acclaimed HBO show has been coming in fast and furiously. (You’ll get that later.) Following up on the recent casting announcement of Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn for two of the series’ four main roles comes word that Rachel McAdams is circling the third. Nothing’s confirmed just yet, but sources say that McAdams is very close to taking on the role. In the meantime, you can tell that True Detective has fully entered the zeitgeist because now it has its very own parody courtesy of Funny or Die! Get your full load of True Detective news below. (more…)


True Detective still stands as the best film I’ve seen all year (which is technically cheating, I know). Made with an auteurist mindset, the HBO series’ First Season told a complete story that sported stellar turns from leads Matthew McConaughey (whose work as Rust Cohle is better than that which he won a Best Actor Oscar for) and Woody Harrelson, not to mention a star-making performance behind the lens from Cary Fukunaga (who I’d imagine is batting away offers left and right). While the rest of the world is salivating over the cannibalistic delights of Hannibal, I’d argue that True Detective did the “artistic serial killer procedural” far better.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting news regarding the series’ Second Season, to the point that they’ve created the unendingly hilarious #TrueDetectiveSeason2 hashtag as a means of fan-casting creator Nic Pizzolatto’s next eight-hour opus. Now the notoriously tight-lipped show-runner has finally dropped some hints about the second go ’round, and the tidbits will more than likely drive those who obsess over the series’ prospects to carve their own little families out of Lone Star tall boys.  (more…)