Nicholas D’Agosto

harvey dent gotham

Love it, hate it or just think it’s okay, the glimpse-into-the-past Batman series, Gotham, is returning for a second season. They managed to impress audiences (and, perhaps more importantly, the producers) enough that we’re going to get a second go. The writers already managed to squeeze in quite a few of Batman’s classic villains during the first season, albeit in their younger incarnations, and chances are they’ll bring even more familiar faces during season 2. And with the new faces shall come the old, with one in particular getting a larger role. According to Nicholas D’Agosto – the actor that played Harvey Dent – his character will have a bit more screen time in the new season. (more…)


So far, with only two episodes in the bank, Gotham is both confounding and pleasing Batman fans. The casting is pretty good, and the show looks great, but the writing is hitting us over the head with all the allusions and references to the Gotham of the “future,” the one where Batman is fighting his famous villains and they don’t work in the police department answering every question with a question (Riddler), or skulking around like a feline and calling herself “Cat” (Catwoman), or get slightly homicidal when they’re compared to Antarctic fowl (Penguin). But if you thought it odd that all of Batman’s favorite foes were in play years before there were active was odd, then get ready for a new addition to the world of Gotham. The man that will be Two-Face is coming. (more…)