Night of the Living Dead

These days, it seems that everything is all about zombies. Okay, maybe not everything, but there is no way zombie fiction would be as popular as it is today were it not for the work of Hollywood legend George A. Romero, who passed away on the 17th of July. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead films helped to launch a genre and changed horror and science fiction forever. Before Romero, zombies weren’t really a thing. Frankenstein’s Monster was pretty much the end-all-be-all of “zombies” until the dead truly began to walk and munch on brains. Now, after Romero’s death, Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead has created a moving tribute.


As we are now in an age where zombies are a part of the public lexicon with such shows as The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead and movies like Zombieland and countless others, it’s worth nothing that they pretty much wouldn’t exist without George Romero. The famed Canadian-American director gave us Night of the Living Dead way back in 1968, and it was not only ground breaking for introducing the zombie genre, but also made his zombie films talk about various issues hidden within their layers: race relations, consumerism, and militarism. The famed director is responsible for other horror gems like The Crazies, Creepshow, Monkey Shines, and the subsequent zombie sequels: Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Land of the Dead, Diary of the Dead, and Survival of the Dead.


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If you like The Walking Dead or any of the 100 things about people fighting to survive the zombie apocalypse, from The Last of Us to the upcoming Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, thank George A. Romero. The filmmaking legend created modern zombies in 1968 with Night of the Living Dead, and has enjoyed a long and varied career in horror movies ever since. Now making his home in Toronto, Romero was given a hero’s welcome Friday afternoon at Fan Expo, as fans probed all aspects of his filmography.  (more…)


It was only a matter of time once the first George Ramero Zombie classic Night of the Living Dead got the Reboot / Re-telling treatment in 1990 with horror favorite Tom Savini directing. Dawn of the Dead with Vin Rhames was next and now Millenium Films has hired director Mark Tonderai to take on re-vamping the third in the franchise, Day of the Dead. (more…)

Mapping out the Zombie Apocalypse

First off, if you don’t already have a list of gun stores, grocery stores, and choice hiding places committed to memory for the coming zompocalypse, your name may as well be chum when the un-dead rise, writhe, and wreak havoc. With that said, and my disdain for you clear, the people at Map of the Dead are looking out for your fool asses by creating a site built off of the Google Maps engine that locates your local gun shop (how fucked are the blue states?), convenience stores, police departments, hospitals, and pharmacies, so you can heal up when your health bar gets low or plow the farmers daughter while shopping for a pregnancy test for the hussy back at camp.

The map also indicates the location of your nearest mall (if you want to give the Dawn of the Dead scenario a go), cemetery (Night of the Living Dead), and liquor store (Not really, but close enough to Shaun of the Dead don’t you think?) — sadly, there is no mention of strip clubs or fine pornography outlets, so I’d advise you to stockpile on those items now.

The maps are printable, because when the dead rise the tech will surely fall and everyone who asks Siri how to best a horde will find themselves disappointed and disemboweled by gnawing zed teeth and pawing zed claws.

As for me, I’m decidedly fucked with nothing around me but suburbanites and trees. So, do I turn to cannibalism or become The Real Warlord of New Jersey when the zombies come? Nah, I’m goona befriend a survivalist, slowly earn his trust with my crazy good wood working skills and Frakes-ian beard, and then beat him with a George Foreman grill until he gives me his guns, and his toilet wine, since there are no liquor stores by me either. What? End of the world baby, we ain’t in fantasy land anymore!

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While only the true hardcore zombie fans know his name, it’s safe to say even casual fans of the genre know his face and his place in zombie movie history. Bill Hinzman, the man who first shuffled his way on screen as they very first flesh eater in George A. Romero‘s original 1968 Night of the Living Dead, passed away over the weekend at the age of 75.

Lovingly remembered as the Graveyard Zombie, Hinzman locked his place in the cinema of the undead when he staggered on screen towards brother and sister Barbara and Johnny, maintained it by further work with Romero on movies like There’s Always VanillaSeason of the Witch and The Crazies  and secured his legend by being a fixture of the convention circuit. As Dread Central puts it, “Bill was always there with a smile for fans, often appearing in costume as the famed ghoul we all grew up with.

Nerd Bastards would like to offer our sincerest condolences to the friends and family of Mr. Hinzman, R.I.P. Zombie #1, you will be missed.

If you want to relive his iconic first performance, I have it cued up for you after the jump.



( We here at NerdBastards don’t frequently print up other peoples great work from other sites. But this was too good to be viewed by only me.)

So I came across this epic list of what the folks at Oh No They Didn’t consider the 25 Best Zombie movies of ALL time.  I just had to share this with you guys!  The list is pretty damn good, although personally, I think Zombieland should be a little higher up.  What do you guys think of the list?  And whether you agree or disagree, with Halloween right around the corner at least it gives us tons of options for our undead movie marathon.  Check out the list after the break.  Try not to get too full from all of the brains, ENJOY!  And for more in depth and bastardly analysis of these film be sure to check out the list on Oh No They DIdn’t.

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Even George Romero couldn’t fathom this happening in his wildest dreams! Seven people in Minnesota were arrested for walking out and about dressed as zombies. And like Romero they set out to send a message. Just as Romero attempted to tackle race relations in Night of the Living Dead, these people mindlessly ventured through the streets to represent that we are  a culture of mindless consumers.  Since these members of the un-dead we’re unjustly imprisoned they will be receiving the sum of $165,000 . But what’s worse really, having your limbs detaching and oozing well…I don’t know what or buying the new iphone? If zombies do take over one day which will have a greater impact on destroying the world? Just like Columbus had rules for his Zombieland here are some simple rules to follow to be safe from these new Anti-Consumer Culture Zombies.

1. Hide your iPads!

2. Smear dirt on your sneakers to disguise the fact that they’re new

3. Instantly rid your web browser of any shopping websites

4.If spotted hide in the nearest GAP window and pretend to be a mannequin

5.Rid yourself of anything barring designer labels!

6.Take the bus and hide your Hummers!

Source: blastr