Batman. It’s always been about Batman. But what about everyone else? Like Robin. Fans have been dying to see Robin come back to life on the big screen. The closest fans got to the real deal was in Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. It was a “fun” Easter Egg at the end of the movie, but it wasn’t the real thing. However, the wait may finally be over. Alright, it may not be Robin, but it comes in the next best form of Nightwing. And it may be coming soon to a theater near you.


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It’s long been common knowledge around the Geek Train that Warner Bros. was putting together a live action ‘Teen Titans’ television show. Of course when producers get their hands on a piece of merchandise, they have to change things around, so none of the Titans will be teens at all. These adult heroes will be led by Robin and will feature a largely female cast from what we’re hearing through the grapevine. If you follow that vine long enough, you’ll land knee-deep in Nerdist country where Jessica Chobot reports on a leaked script of the pilot, and everything she knows about it. Well, now we know what she knows, and we’re gonna sing like birds. Birds Of Prey, that is. Hint, hint. Hawks and Doves, that is! Hint! Hint!

I’ve said too much… (more…)

I never loved Robin until the updated ‘Teen Titan’ episodes hit air back in the day. He was portrayed as a miniature Batman and a surprise badass. When Nightwing started seeing rare airtime, I couldn’t get enough of him. Lost from my memory was all the mockery I’d hear of Dick Grayson being a joke or Bruce Wayne’s little plaything prancing around the Manor in tights. It would get to the point where I’d defend his character, and subsequently Tim Drake’s Robin also. Brass tacks, I really like these guys, but I’ve grown to appreciate Nightwing even more because he was the Robin I grew up with. So it is with great pleasure that I bring you the release of ‘Nightwing Episode 1: Deathstroke.’ (more…)


It’s almost as if DC Comics and their parent studio Warner Bros. are ceding movie screens to Marvel Studios because today comes word of yet another DC-based TV project. Following quickly on the heels of the announcement of a Supergirl series being in development, and coming in advance of the premiere of four new DC Comics-based series and the third season premiere of Arrow, comes news that the Teen Titans might also be coming to TV screens everywhere. A pilot called Titans, which is based on the long-running superhero team that first appeared in the 1960s, is being developed for TNT, and if they like what they see, it could lead to an ongoing series about the team. But that’s the good news… (more…)

mcqueen as nightwing

Season 2 of Arrow just finished up a few weeks back and I and my fellow Arrowheads are eagerly awaiting what this amazingly produced show has to offer for season 3. We’ve seen quite a few familiar faces grace the small screen thus far, including an off-camera cameo by none-other-than Harley Quinn. So what kinds of goodies does the next season of Arrow have in store for us? Well, if the ever-present rumormill is to be believed, we should be getting a glimpse of Nightwing when the show returns in Fall. (more…)


It’s the 1960s in Chicago and superheroes have unionized to fight evil under a contract with the city.  This is the world of C.O.W.L., a new Image published comic from writers Kyle Higgins (Nightwing) and Alec Siegel, and artist Rod Reis.

In our exclusive interview with Higgins, we talk about how he developed C.O.W.L. from its short film origins, working with both Siegel and Reis, building new heroes, the differences between DC and Marvel, his time on Nightwing, and his present run on Batman Beyond 2.0.



The second half of Arrow looks like it’s going to be packed with all sorts of surprises. We can look forward to the Birds of Prey showing up, Deathstroke unleashing his wrath on Oliver, and even the Suicide Squad making its debut on the show this Wednesday night. Rumor has it, though, we’ve got even more to look forward to, and that two of Batman’s most prolific villains will be dropping in on Starling City before this season is out. (more…)


In a move that wouldn’t even register as a big deal for any other company, DC Comics has trademarked a Nightwing logo for the purposes of merchandising. Described as “Nightwing” emblazoned on a bat, not unlike the character’s current New 52 logo (above), this logo has been trademarked for use on clothing, accessories and toys. Basically, everything from t-shirts to Christmas ornaments. (more…)


It started a few weeks ago, when the Nerd Media reported that Zack Snyder‘s Batman vs. Superman was seeking “a young John Hawkes type” for the role of Dick Grayson–who would appear as either Robin or Nightwing. Soon we began hearing the name of Adam Driver–a young actor who apparently fits this description.

Now Driver has finally gone on the record regarding the rumors–and apparently he knows less than we do: