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In years past the Yautja, the trophy-hunting alien species of the Predator franchise, had become a bit of a side-character thanks to films like Alien Vs. Predator. In 2010’s Predators, the alien hunters were once again deadly, and with the help of writers Alex Litvak and Michael Finch and director Nimród Antal, people were getting the R-rated Predators we should have been seeing on screen for years. Since then it’s been quiet, but maybe it’s time to start hunting again.

Back in September Predators producer, Robert Rodriquez said he “owed the studio a call” about the Fox sequel, saying he always had a planned sequel in mind. With that being said, this past weekend on the Predators official Facebook page a promotional image featuring the quote, “There’s something out there waiting for us, and it ain’t no man. We’re all gonna die,” and the hashtag #HuntThePredator surfaced. Fox must have gotten his call as the keen eyes at Comic Book Movie pointed out the quote, uttered by Predator character Billy Sole, was featured over an overhead shot of Petco Park, near the San Diego Convention Center. This has led many to believe that Fox will make an announcement in connection to the franchise.

With them hosting a series of panels to promote and showcase their upcoming films, including X-Men: Days of Future Past, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and The Wolverine, wouldn’t it be a prime opportunity to make such an announcement? The only other question is, what is it?

Some are guessing it will be something new in the line of Predator feature films with Robert’s promise of a sequel. Others think it could be a new video game, due to the viral marketing of how this all developed. Honestly, were hoping it’s the former, seeing as the studio did such a good job and video games based on this franchise have never fared too well. We’ll have to see what Fox pulls out of their skulls in the next few days in order to know for sure.

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Nimrod Antal‘s ‘Predators’ was the best movie reboot/sequel…EVER! It was a tight, edge of your seat nail biter, with colorful well written characters, and guns blazingballs to the wall action. It was everything we wanted it to be and more. Aw man, we fucking loved it! If you liked it as much as us then you will be pleased to know that a sequel is in the works.  At-least that’s what producer of ‘Predators’ Robert Rodriguez is telling us. In an interview with IGN at Comic-Con he had this to say,

The studio said, ‘Let’s do some other ones. What other story ideas do you have? Because it was like, let’s test out the market with this one. They really wanted it to be pretty contained, pretty scaled-back. They didn’t want to put too many of the ideas into it that we could save for a second one.

So we could see what the appetite was, because the bigger movie would actually be what comes following that. That kind of sets up a new storyline, new location and world, and then you can really go crazy from there.

Rodriguez does have “an idea” of where he will go with the next film. He wants to hire different writers to come up with different versions of his take, and choose the best draft. When asked if he would direct the sequel, as Nimrod Antal is apparently out of the picture (busy with another project) he said,  “I think I have too many people wanting me to do Sin City 2 first!”

Personally I don’t give a “Sheeeeeeeit” (god I miss The Wire) about Sin City 2. Well, actually that’s not true. I do. Would love to see it, but it’s been in limbo for so long I’ve pretty moved on. Kinda got tired of waiting. I just want MOAR Predators PLZ!

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(Review by ex and sorely missed nerdbastards writer Barry Mahoney)

Predators finally gives justice to the original where the last two AVP films and even Predator 2 have failed. Not only is it a much more direct sequel to the first but, it is also a fully enjoyable reboot
of(in this humble reviewers opinion) the most bad ass monster that has ever been or ever will be! This movie is a tight, edge of your seat nail biter, with colorful well written characters, and guns blazingballs to the wall action. From the moment the characters fall from the sky onto this planet until the sequel enticing conclusion, you are going to see everything you ever wanted and more in a Predator movie. Period!



20th Century Fox has just released a sneak peek at the upcoming “Predators” movie which premiered at SXSW on Friday. In this 2 minute promo, producer, Robert Rodriguez gives us an insides look at director, Nimród Antals reimagining of The Predator franchise. It’s a quick behind the scenes presentation that doesn’t give us enough of an assement on the films potential awesome-ness but does show some rather impressive looking footage. We do get glimpse of the mercenary unit lead by Adrien Brody and teases of the Predators themselves, which look potentially more freightening then ever. Except for maybe that bizarre dog like Predator, that was just dumb.

The talent involved in this movie makes me cautiously optimistic. Will it deliver? who knows but someone has to get this franchise right eventually so why not this time.

Official Plot Synopsis: Royce, a mercenary who reluctantly leads a group of elite warriors who come to realize they’ve been brought together on an alien planet… as prey. With the exception of a disgraced physician, they are all cold-blooded killers, mercenaries, Yakuza, convicts, death squad members human “predators” that are now being systemically hunted and eliminated by a new breed of alien Predators.

Coming to theaters on July 7th, 2010


What a fucken Nimrod. Well that could quite possibly be the mutterings of fanboys worldwide when the Spiderman Reboot hits the streets..Nimrod Antal, the director of Predators, yet another in the remake charade, is being courted as the new director..Quiet Earth:

Sam Raimi met Nimrod on the Sony lot before his first US film, Vacancy. They clicked, so Sam hired him to direct Armored. Now, Predators is getting some great word-of-mouth around tinsel-town. Warners loves it and now  Sam Raimi and Sony want the director back at the studio to helm Spiderman.

Now brace your weak heart. The other piece of meat turning out of the rumor mill is Robert Pattenson stepping into  the webslinger’s tights…. WHAT WHAT???!!!! I bring this news along with io9’s intel that Pattenson had his abs spray painted on for Twilight! You hear that you preteen JERKOFF’S!!! HE DOESN”T LOOK LIKE THAT…What with his Easter Island Statue Head and sparkliness !! Their will be a lynch mob of Helmsdeep-like proportions of fanboys, trying to catch their breath and dropping their inhalers as Robert Pattenson is run out of town on a rail. We want our Vampires to combust in daylight, not glitter like Mariah.  If they want to do this right, with Peter Parker being back in school….I don’t care how gay I sound, and when I say gay, I mean HOMOSEXUAL…That Zac Efron, if all geeked up, could be Spiderman. in 17 Again, he did an outstanding job showing not just his acting ability but for a good display of tongue in cheek humor and timing. Also, he knows how to make fun of himself…Along with the rest of us making fun of him.