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The world is getting ready as yet one more DC product makes its way to the small screen. This time around it’s Supergirl and, although we still don’t have any word on who will actually be playing the titular character, there is a bit of news coming around that addresses what the show might entail. Read on to see what to expect from Supergirl, the television show. (more…)


Based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Stephen King, Under the dome has been quite successful, despite the initial jabs from fans. Once we saw what the series developed by Brian K. Vaughan was actually like, the numbers grew – averaging 13.84 million viewers each week and becoming the number one summer series for viewers. And , with the advantage of DVR recording and video on demand and online streaming those numbers continue to grow.

So naturally Nina Tassler, president of CBS Entertainment, announced today that the show will return in 2014 with 13 all new episodes, with the first new episode of the season being written by King himself.

“We’re excited to tell more stories about the mystery of the dome and the secrets in Chester’s Mill, and are thrilled to have the master storyteller himself, Stephen King, tell the first one of next season”

The stars of Under the Dome are just as excited for the announcement as the studio. They continue to get paid, but also get to expand on the mystery of the dome, and it’s people. In a talk with Access Hollywood Dean Norris, who plays James “Big Jim” Rennie on the show, gave viewers a little insight into what the future holds for season 2:

“We’re gonna learn a lot about the mystery of the dome at the end of the show, you see the dome start to take on a character that’s much larger than has been shown so far. It’s really cool ’cause that’s really the cool, creepy, sci-fi part of it -when this dome is actual sentient being and it’s got its own thing.”

Mixed with murder, mystery and secrets, the town of Chester’s Mill season two sounds like it’s going to be quite the show.

Under the Dome airs Mondays at 10 pm Eastern.

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