There’s a scene at the beginning of Chappie where South Africa’s fleet of robotic police man chase a group of silly looking gangstas through the freeways of Johannesburg, culminating in a brutally violent gunfight that highlights the viciousness of crime in a world requiring robot cops. In that moment, you think to yourself, didn’t they already remake RoboCop? Sadly, the comparisons between Neill Blomkamp‘s 2015 film, and Paul Verhoeven‘s 1987 classic don’t end there as Chappie tackles corporate corruption, greed, violence, and the eternal question of what makes a man a man, is the soul a quality of the organic, or is it something even a machine can obtain? (more…)


This time on RadioBastard: Thunder Dream, Jeremy and Jason experience Tuscan cuisine and go for a rain water ass-douches at a premium spa that they found on Groupon back when it was still a thing. They also pose for an erotic calendar that should be available in the show store just as soon as we build a show store — out of brick and mortar. #OldSchool

Do you want to know about the topics that will topple under the thrust of our mind force on this week’s episode? Groovy. (more…)

Jason and Jeremy discus Jason’s lightsaber problem and then talk about feeling… something. Also, eBay enters the theater of social networking with a collector twist, someone casts a resurrection spell on MySpace, bacon is disappearing at an alarming level, and there is Ghostbusters 3 news to be infuriated by. Also, we have more than a confirmed nod from Patrick Stewart about X-Men: Days of Future Past and the guys ooh, ahh, and oy at the Toys R’ Us top 15 toys of 2012 list.

Then in the MAIN EVENT: Jason and Jeremy debate the value of Mark Millar becoming the kaiser of Fox’ Marvel film slate and ponder if he is being brought in to enhance their films or just stand out as a nerd mascot.

Speaking of the art of debate, the guys have a new segment called VERSUS where they quickly scuffle over the important questions of our time. This week: Ninja’s VERSUS Jedi. The best part? You decide the winner!

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Portal… With NINJAS!

Portal with the addition of ninjas would be — there’s no other way about it — fuckin’ legendary. I mean, really: adding ninjas to an already-awesome thing is clearly the formula for something legendary.

The mastermind behind this awesomeness is the dude from Gak Attack, who has brought us super entertaining and nerdy YouTube videos in the past. This could’ve done better with some more creative portal gun usage, but the slow-mo bits were cool and it’s generally pretty fun to watch. Check it out!

Now… where’s the cake?

Source: The Mary Sue


Sorry for the old Naruto joke as I couldn’t help myself and plus, I’m sure most of y’all probably won’t get it. Anyway, from the collection of the “erotic story series,” Kunoichi Ninpo-cho, we get possibly one of the greatest ninja art ever recorded. From Kunoichi Ninpo-cho 3, we get the deadly art, Vagina Bubbles From Hell!

Yes folks it’s as deadly as it sounds, as you see in the clip that no one can get away or stop the ninja art once it has been activated. Apparently this isn’t the first time that the series had some bubbles from vagina action as the first one had it as well. Though, that move had the enemy stuck in a giant bubble and have them act like a baby in a womb (Yeah… can’t make this $h!t up).

Also, before anyone asks, yes they are having sex at the beginning of a clip, but more like an illusion jutsu type of sex since porn is censored over there in the land of rising sun. Watch the clip below and also, click after the jump to check out the other clip from the first Kunoichi Ninpo-cho

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The Tiniest Ninja Turtle


I apparently am the only one brave enough to post cute things here on the site. It could have something to do with my having boobs. In any case this is the cutest mother f’n Ninja Turtle you ever did see! This is a photo from Master Splinters baby book of the gang. Raphael is off to make a little pizza and have some tiny turtle sex on a baby April. This is getting weird… never mind. LOOK HOW CUTE!

Turtle Power > Your Embarrasment

nt bp

TMNT was by far one of the best cartoons in the late 80’s to early 90’s. Now that all of us crazy kids have grown up and hopefully gotten jobs (I still haven’t) we can afford fashionable clothing that signifies a somewhat unhealthy longing to be included in a cartoon. That is why you are now able to purchase this awesome backpack from Hottopic. The bag even comes with four eye masks to hide your identity while wearing it. Now your friends, or just random people, won’t recognize you when you kick them right in the balls, or even in their vagina. *Not physically in their vagina.. shut up, you know what i meant… unless…* The masks come in the four colors that each of the turtles wore. Red- Raphael, Blue-Leonardo, Purple- Donatello, and Yellow-Michelangelo. Whoever you chose to be, wearing these accessories will allow you to kick gratuitous  amounts of ass. So buy it already, enjoy!

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You Want These: Ninja Coat Hooks


Okay, save for the obvious risk of losing an eye, these coat hooks sort of slay other coat hooks. Also, if you consider the glory of telling the story of the throwing star injury…this is a no-brainer. We haven’t seen these in person yet, but from the photos and description, yes, you could definitely hurt somebody with these. Make your hallway look like you forgot to clean up after your last ninja stand-off.


You may also want to hang some nice Chuck Norris paintings around the place for good measure.

cokedressNYT2210_468x279Can you spot the difference with one vending machine with the others? No? Look at the ground…do you see it? The one on the bottom has FEET!!! Thats right, it’s a person disguising themselves as a Coke vending machine. Aya Tsukioka, who was inspired by ninjas, designed this skirt in which you can lift it to disguise into a vending machine when one feels the need to protect oneself from an attacker. How is it inspired by ninjas you asked? Well, when a ninja needed to hide, they bust out a black blanket like cloth to hide themselves in the night, or in some anime, a cloak that has chameleon like powers and hide anywhere they want. Tsukioka designed the skirt to let women feel a bit safer at night with this skirt and did say it may take some practice to do it quick. Check after the jump for images of the “amazing transformation” into a vending machine. (more…)