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Several rumors about Nintendo releasing their first mobile game have been circulating over the last two years ago. But, it was only recently that they broke their silence regarding their game app project with video game developer DeNA.

What should we expect from the first Nintendo-licensed mobile game? Should we expect the company’s famous titles to be ported to smartphones? (more…)

James Cameron‘s Dances with Blue Cat Elf Pocahontas (aka Avatar) is what it is – the highest grossing movie of all time. With any ego-maniacal director, comes the George Lucas effect. The quest to make even MOAR monies. While Cameron is no George Lucas (Yet), he is trying to ring out everything he can from the franchise he created. Cameron is currently writing a novel along with two scripts for the next two Avatar films, and helping develop theme park attractions for Disney. He’s previously worked with Ubisoft on creating a semi decent tie-in movie video game, now Cameron is discussing his plans for an Avatar MMO project that he wants to launch around the time the next two Avatar films will be released. Ugh, an MMO of avatars controlling avatars role-playing having sex. Surely that cannot possibly fail

In a recent interview the filmmaker talks in depth about video games and where 3D film, home entertainment, and gaming will be in the future.

Portions of the interview are below, you can read it in full on IGN.

What role do you see videogames playing in the 3D landscape with PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS and NVIDIA 3D Vision?

Well, we love it because it’s another reason to buy a 3D display, another reason to buy a big home flat panel or whatever it is. We don’t do games, but we see that as part of the market and as proof that we’re going to take in all of our entertainment in 3D and within five years we’re going to be demanding it in 3D. If it’s not, it’s going to feel like it’s in black and white.

What do you say to the naysayers who don’t believe in 3D gaming or entertainment?

People apply these sort of artificial arguments, “Oh, well this is going to be good in 3D but this doesn’t really need to be in 3D.” But the entertainment industry spent twenty years arguing about what should or should not be in color and then color TV came along and everything was in color. Every movie was in color, every TV show is in color and we never went back. I think that that’s what 3D is going to be like. I think all of these arguments about what should and should not be in 3D are going to go away because frankly we see in 3D. You’re hardwired for 3D. All life on earth is hardwired for 3D, not just human beings. There’s an evolutionary reason why we see in 3D. It makes us better hunters. It makes us better at getting through the woods when a predator is behind us. We can’t not be in 3D. So it’s ludicrous to say one thing is going to be better in 3D and another thing is going to be better in 2D. That’s just people holding on to a reality that’s shredding all around them.