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Over the weekend, Ridley Scott let slip the new title for the sequel to Prometheus, Alien: Covenant. Now 20th Century Fox has confirmed that title change and released an official synopsis along with the premiere date of October 6th, 2017 for the film. There’s an interesting lack of mention for Noomi Rapace‘s Elizabeth Shaw in the synopsis… what might that mean for the character and movie? (more…)


While making the Press rounds for his latest film The Martian, Ridley Scott confirmed that his next film would be a Prometheus sequel. Fans were kind of expecting that, so besides a quick nod, no one really gave it much thought. Production on the new film would begin early next year and we figured we’d find out a lot of the preproduction stuff as that time drew closer. What many were not expecting was the bomb that Scott dropped while doing an interview with the German movie site Filmfutter. Scott relieved that there may be as many as THREE Prometheus sequels in development. (more…)


Perhaps he’s just in a science fiction frame of mind. Ridley Scott‘s next film is The Martian, the story about an astronaut trying to survive alone on Mars opens in theaters in just a couple of months. Two of Scott’s signature movies were science fiction based, Alien and Blade Runner, the former was the basis of the deeply divisive prequel/whatchamacallit Prometheus, which came out in 2012. There’s been a lot of talk about a Prometheus sequel, and the end of the film certainly set it up perfectly, but circumstances have kept it spinning in the proverbial bullpen. But now, Scott says brace yourselves because Prometheus 2 is his next project. (more…)


Ridley Scott‘s films have been the subject of many critical divides and sparked a number of debates amongst his fans. Which is great; that’s what film making is all about, individual perceptions and being able to walk away with diverse theories and conclusions. Blade Runner, upon its first release way back in 1982, was subject to a critical mauling and failed at the Box Office. There was rampant in-fighting over the script and the famous: “is he, or isn’t he,” in reference to whether Deckard was a replicant or not (the fact that it’s left up to the viewers is something that a director would never get away with nowadays, what, with test audiences not happy until they have a full-blown conclusion). That’s how the fight about Blade Runner‘s narrative running through the theatrical cut came about; with test audiences and studio executives demanding that the storyline was spoon-fed to them rather than being more evasive. Thank god for the final cut, which is an absolute masterpiece – not just within the sci-fi genre – but as a standalone film. Scott has a knack for dividing critics and audiences alike, and the same thing happened with the fantastic Prometheus (Yes, you heard me right: “fantastic”). (more…)



Prometheus was an adequate enough introduction back into Ridley Scott‘s Alien universe. A lot of questions were left unanswered, but that is part of the beauty of the Science Fiction genre; a sense of mystery, room to theorize, to talk with others and debate and learn in a reciprocal manner. It’s not any secret that Ridley Scott is a Sci-Fi auteur; master of his craft. He creates movies that have individuals’ thinking for themselves and developing their own interpretations (Blade Runner and whether Deckard is a replicant or not anyone?).  With Prometheus, it seems one of the main problems that irked some of the fans was the fact the movie wasn’t a direct prequel to the Alien series as was originally planned. Some were annoyed that Damon Lindelof had been called in to tinker with the script (which makes one wonder how Lindelof haters feel about Green Lantern‘ scriber Michael Green penning the sequel) . The fact it is set in the same universe should have been enough to suffice no? Apparently not! Apparently people wanted more of the same. Well, word on the street is that Ridley Scott has been dishing some dirt on his plans for the highly anticipated sequel. (more…)


Most people Ridley Scott’s age are slowing down, but if anything, things for Sir Ridley seem to be speeding up. Currently in post-production on the crime thriller The Counselor starring Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender, Scott now has a release date for his next film, and seems to be discussing some casting news for the one after that.

First up is Exodus, Scott’s take on the Biblical saga of Moses. Twentieth Century Fox has set December 12, 2014 as the day when Scott will part the red tape and deliver his long in the works Old Testament effort, which will put it directly in the path of the previously announced third Hobbit film There and Back Again, and Brad Bird’s next film Tomorrowland, which are opening on the same date. In the meantime, Scott will have to contend with casting. Christian Bale was once rumored to be taking up Moses’ cloak and staff, but it seems a burning bush may have talked him out of it. There is a script courtesy of Adam Cooper, Bill Collage and Steve Zaillian, so perhaps starting production soon for a release a year and a half out isn’t quite as far fetched as it seems.

In other news, a site called Prometheus 2 Movie News (subtle) is saying that Scott has met “many times” with Rik Barnett (Rebels Without a Clue) about a role in Prometheus 2, the sequel to last year’s ambitious though disappointing pseudo-Alien prequel. The site says it’s a key role, possibly connected to Noomi Rapace’s Shaw, but all this is merely rumor. It could be a sign though that Fox is lining up Scott to make Prometheus 2 after Exodus, which would fit the standard three-year window between sequels for a 2015 release date for Prometheus 2.

We’ll have more news on both projects as it develops, but I think it’s safe to say we’re not going to see that Blade Runner 2 project anytime soon.

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Whether you liked Prometheus or not, you can’t deny the film was popular. Mostly because it spurred a million and one theories on what the fuck the movie was actually about, but regardless, it got people talking. Now get ready for take two. While promoting her new film, Dead Man Down, Prometheus star and – SPOILER – sole human survivor Noomi Rapace mentioned she’s talked to Ridley Scott and can confirm they are working on a script for a sequel.

They’re working on the script. I met Ridley in London a couple of weeks ago. I would love to work with him again and I know that he would like to do another one. It’s just like we need to find the right story. I hope we will.

It’s unclear if she was meeting with Scott about returning for the sequel or just to get coffee and catch up, but I find it unlikely they’d pursue a Prometheus sequel without her. Rapace made these comments to Indiewire, who followed it up by asking what she thought about the mixed reactions to the flick. After discussing her experience making Prometheus, she added,

And it’s interesting because people, most people I’ve talked to who see the movie, see things that are quite different. Some people who see the movie many times and discover new things. There are all these religious aspects and there are very interesting conversations. And for me, if we do a second one, there are a lot of things to explore in there and to continue.

And if you had any questions about if she wanted to come back for the sequel, Rapace said, “I would love to do it.”

Prometheus 2, do you want it? What do you think it should explore? Personally, I’d love to see Rapace and Michael Fassbender‘s disembodied David head taking on whole bunch of Engineers, Aliens-style.

It’s official, FOX is pursuing a sequel to Prometheus and Ridley Scott will still be involved, no handing the franchise off to others who would likely only screw things up this time. Also signed on for a sequel is Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender, which is unsurprising seeing as they were the only two – SPOILER – still alive come the end, and it’s very likely they were contracted for a sequel when they agreed to do the first film. Plus, everything about that ending screamed sequel, what with Liz Shaw and the head of David off on some foolish crusade to find the Engineers and destroy them, or something.

Not coming back however is Damon Lindelof. Word is his exclusion is not a reflection of his work on Prometheus‘ script but rather he’ll just be unavailable to work on a sequel. Though, some are suspecting he’s been ousted because of the criticism Prometheus‘ at times confusing as fuck story received, but I’d like to believe FOX and Scott would have worked with him again given the opportunity.

Anyway, as reported by THR we can expect to see a sequel either in 2014 or 2015 which I think sounds awfully soon. What do you think? What do you expect a Prometheus sequel explore?

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It’s been argued that you can piece together the entire plot of Prometheus simply by watching the trailers. That’s only half true. On the one hand it’s most certainly a kind of love letter to Alien, another story of a group of people who go searching in space and find something terrifying. But on the other it’s a surprisingly complex sci-fi drama teeming with ambition and big ideas that, while sometimes a little overstuffed, packs plenty of rewards if you’re willing to follow where it leads.


Prometheus is likely the film people are most looking forward to this summer not starring a superhero. Wouldn’t you agree? It heralds Ridley Scott‘s return to a genre he helped define, the space horror, and it looks like it might be the best film in the Alien franchise since, well, Alien. Honestly, everything I’ve seen of this movie makes it look spectacular, and this gallery with a bunch of new photos courtesy of Entertainment Weekly only adds to that impression.

And yeah, couldn’t resist featuring such a funny photo for the header. Check out the huge gallery below the cut!