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Who would have thought that a simple movie could cause so much international controversy? But, alas, that is exactly what happened with Sony Pictures’ The Interview. Due to the fact that it features North Korean leader Kim Jong-un meeting a most violent demise, it caused the folks over in the DPRK to get all blustery and uptight (you know, their usual attitude whenever something they don’t like happens anywhere) and make threats. In order to protect people’s safety, Sony opted to pull the movie, but now it looks like we’ll get our chance to see what all this bullshit was about when the movie releases on Christmas Day. (more…)

The remake of Red Dawn has been in the pipeline for, like, ever. But aside from a couple of photos we haven’t really seen anything from it…

Till now!

Entertainment Tonight has the pre-trailer trailer footage, which conveniently found its way to You Tube (embedded below) which saves you the shame of having to watch Entertainment Tonight. Based on the 1984 film of the same name, Red Dawn stars Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games) and Connor Cruise (son of Tom) as a group of American teens in the Pacific Northwest who form an insurgent force to defeat a North Korean invasion of America.

The film’s been jammed up in the financial plumbing of MGM’s recent money trouble, but it’s now set for release this November 21. In the meantime though, cast your eyes on this new, surprisingly compelling, first footage.

Source: Blastr