AMC Stages A Zombie Invasion In NYC

The zombies have staged a revolt! They were seen protesting throughout New York City recently.

People who use DISH satellites won’t be able to access a number of television stations, including AMC, due to some lawsuit or something. Anyway, the point is that people are pissed because they’re still paying for channels that they aren’t receiving as a result of this blackout. This means that they won’t be able to watch season 3 of The Walking Dead – on their satellites, anyway.

A zombie invasion of New York City was staged by AMC as a way to protest and raise awareness of the issue.  They’ve put together a bunch of great clips into this awesome promotional video.  The makeup is comparable to that you’d see on the show itself.  Check it out; you’ll see zombies of all kinds just doin’ their thang out in NYC and you’ll also see the people who were caught completely by surprise.

Check out AMC’s official statement about this DISH business after the jump:



When you are planning to rob a store or a bank, and want to conceal your identity, there are many options to use to conceal your identity. For example, you could go with the standard hood or ski-mask, or even the slightly daring former U.S. president mask.

But once robber, according to the website urlesque, disguised herself using a cat mask that gives her an uncanny resemblance to the most famous cat burglar in the world from the DC comics universe – Catwoman.

According to the site, the thief was caught on camera stealing from a high-end shoe store in the East Village in New York, passed a note to the clerk and stole $86. But what really makes this news is the 100 per cent authentic WANTED poster that the police released, pictured below the jump.

LOLCats, eat your heart out!