NYCC 2014


At New York Comic Con over the weekend, the big Marvel Comics news was that the publisher is cancelling Fantastic Four in the new year, just months before the new FF movie is released in theaters everywhere. Many pundits and fans are taking the move as an “Eff You!” on the part of Marvel Comics to a rival company that owns the license to make movies based on their characters and won’t give it back. The X-Men are in the same boat, so the question was asked at NYCC, or at least one related to the issue of whether or not Marvel likes other people getting to play with their toys. The rumor’s been persistent, so one dedicated fan asked, “Why doesn’t Marvel make any new mutant characters?” (more…)

daredevil logo

With New York Comic Con in full swing, there’s plenty of news coming our way. And while we poor Bastards didn’t get a chance to attend this year, there’s no reason for us to not keep up with what’s going on and let our wonderful readers know, right? So here’s the latest on Daredevil, one of the projects that Marvel is feeding to Netflix in the comings years. We’ve got a bit of footage description to share with you, as well as some reveals on which actors will be playing which roles, a couple of pics and the official news on who’ll be making Daredevil’s music. Read on for all the yummy NYCC goodness. (more…)


I haven’t been to a Comic Con in decades, so I think I’m about due. It would have been amazing to go to New York City’s this year, but I was busy being 600 miles away. Lots of things are supposed to happen that I’d love to have seen. Like the Daredevil panel. Plus, there are always awesome announcements. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’d found out who’s playing Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Daniel Rand for Marvel’s Netflix productions. Maybe we’d get some goods about Doctor Strange. Or, more importantly, see the teaser for ‘Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron.’ Because, according to Bleeding Cool, somebody has seen it and has shared his impression with the rest of us. (more…)


After some conscientious female nerds made it an issue at San Diego Comic Con, the organizers of New York Comic Con seem to have taken the hint and ran with it in preparing for this weekend’s con in the Javits Center in New York City. The mantra, “Cosplay is Not Consent,” is omnipresent at the show, and NYCC has taken other steps to make sure that everyone has a safe and happy con free of harassment and inappropriate action on the part of people who don’t realize, you know, that “Cosplay is Not Consent.” In other NYCC news their “don’t be an idiot” and “no weapons” policies seems to be causing great confusion with fans whose hours of hard work on that important prop detail seems to be taken out with the trash. (more…)