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Characters getting killed off on Game of Thrones happens so much and so often that it has left many viewers numb to each new death. Making each new death a little less shocking and lowering the emotional impact when compared to the last. That, however, was not the case with a certain someone met their unexpected and brutal departure in the final moments of the season 5 finale.

The death of this character has sent GOT fans into a fury, many believe it’s not true – that the character will return next season. This is largely based on fan theories from the Game of Thrones books by author George R.R. Martin, who left enough implications and bread crumbs to lead people to believe the fan-favorite character has a much larger story to tell post his Julius Caesar like demise.

All this hub-bub has gone so far that the President of the United States himself, Barack Obama, to get confirmation of death.

*Note: if somehow you’ve managed to swear off the internet these last few weeks and haven’t seen the GOT Season 5 finale, let this be your only SPOILER WARNING.  (more…)

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Unless you have been actively avoiding the internet, television, news, and gossip from your best friends, you are very aware of the recent attack on Sony that resulted in the leaking of thousands of personal emails written and/or received by Sony staff, personal information (including social security numbers and birthdays) of current and past Sony employees, and even the early release of some of Sony’s upcoming movies, including the highly anticipated musical, Annie.  Amid the thousands of emails, various outlets have discovered some pretty damning conversations between some of the higher ups that are borderline racist (at best), disrespectful to the talent that brings in Sony’s revenue, and even conversations criticizing Sony’s own animation unit.  Now, after bowing to the hackers’ demands that Sony cancel the release of the upcoming Seth Rogan/James Franco starrer, The Interview, the public has to wonder: How can Sony survive this attack? (more…)

“Homosexuality or any suggestion of it by illustration, dialogue, or text was strictly forbidden” – A 1974 memorandum from the Comics Magazine Association of America, aka the group behind The Comics Code.

We certainly have come a long way — from pretending that homosexuality doesn’t exist in comics to the announcement of a marriage between two male characters. Gone now are many of the stereotypes that plagued the first gay characters like Extraño (whose name literally translates to strange, or queer), DC’s flamboyant magician who was, at one point, infected with HIV by an AIDS vampire named Hemo-Goblin. Yes, things are decidedly different now, but are these recent changes, that are built on top of decades of slow progress, going to find the impact they seek?

For Marvel, the wedding of Northstar and Kyle feels organic, not something done as a stunt. Will it capitalize on recent events like President Obama’s affirmation of his support for gay marriage and efforts to both harm and further the cause of marriage equality? Sure, but Northstar is regarded as among comicdom’s first gay heroes, with his sexuality at first implied from 1979 to 1992, and then confirmed by Scott Lobdell in Alpha Flight #106, and he has been in a relationship with Kyle for quite some time.

If Northstar was straight and had proposed to a woman, no one would care or bat an eye and that marriage would be viewed as standard, but in this unjust and under-evolved world, same sex couples cause fear, controversy, and anger and there is a wall impeding their pursuit of that standard.

In real life, that wall stands due to prejudice and archaic legislation and in comics, it stands due to a fear of reprisal from the loud voices of small people. Big voiced, small people who have hindered the ability of writers, creators, and somewhat gutless publishers for almost 25 years since the Comics Code changed and the blockade on addressing homosexuality in comics was lifted.

In those two decades though, there have been plenty of out characters, but other than Northstar and Batwoman, most gay characters have been used in minor roles like Phat, been humiliated like Wing, quickly discarded like The Freedom Ring, or been a total embarrassment like the previously mentioned Extraño. Yesterday though, news broke that DC Comics would go against prior statements and change the sexual orientation of one of their existing characters in an effort to add another major out gay character to the landscape, with co-publisher Dan DiDio (the author of those prior statements) saying that that character would become one of DC’s “most prominent gay characters”.

Naturally this set off a firestorm, with most blogs and comic news sites (including this site) openly (and somewhat immaturely) speculating on who the new gay member of the DCU was, or as one site put it, “who is this mystery gay?” Hell, Fox News even weighed in, speculating on if the new out DC character could be Superman, that unyielding symbol of American virtue and value (save for that time he denounced his citizenship).

I for one don’t really care who it is, I care how it’s done. As I said up top, Northstar and Kyle’s engagement and pending nuptials developed organically, the timing is a touch curious, but it doesn’t really feel like a hollow gimmick. On the other hand, DC’s decision to suddenly mess with a characters origin story and switch their sexuality could very well feel exactly like that if it isn’t done properly.

Too many characters have been turned gay to get a bounce in readership and then left to fade away or pretend that this massive part of their lives doesn’t exist. I’m not saying that a characters sexuality should be ever present in all things that they do, I’m not personally interested in overly sexual characters regardless of their orientation, but I think the intelligence level of the average reader is high enough that writers can move beyond the habit of portraying gay characters as little more than a checked box on a diversity survey, or a eunuch. Let reality be a guide, and let these characters be truly multi-dimensional, because anything else is going to come off as DC trying to get some cheap attention, betray an origin story, and tweak Marvel as they try to break a barrier.

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The Interwebz is a great place for nerdy art and the like. A lot of the time it’s fuckin’ weird shit like Bert and Ernie comparing dildos and shit like that. But there are a lot of awesome things that we see on a daily basis, and we’re lazy nerd bastards so we just round them all up once a week for your nerdgasm glory.

I love this! Click the picture for a full-sized version. Ever wondered what the top ‘net browsers, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari would look like as chicks in hawt dresses? Probably not. But here you have it, anyway! Credit goes to the very talented Moie “Eskimoie” Preisenberger.


UPDATE 1:45 p.m. CST: Fox News reports confirmation from the White House that the State of the Union Address will NOT happen Feb. 2, and that the Lost premiere will continue as planned.


Relax, “Losties” — the precious sixth and final season premiere of Lost will keep its Feb. 2 date and won’t be ousted by President Barack Obama! That is, if the tweets of Damon Lindelof, of of the show’s creators, can be believed.

In case you hadn’t heard the news, President Obama was considering two main dates for his upcoming State of the Union Address: Jan. 26 or Feb. 2, with Feb. 2 being the White House’s preferred date. Because the Lost premiere will be two hours long and there likely will be a recap show before it, it would be nearly impossible for ABC to manoeuver around the President’s address that night; they’d have to push the show back another week.

Moments ago, however, Lindelof tweeted from his @DamonLindelof Twitter account the following news:

OBAMA BACKED DOWN!!!! Groundhog Day is OURS!!!!!!! (God Bless America)

That tweet was followed by:

Okay. So Obama didn’t technically “back down.” He leveraged Carlton and I to do something on the show. Two words. MORE FROGURT.

From those tweets, it doesn’t sound like Lindelof is joking, so keep your fingers crossed that ABC puts out the official word soon. If Lindelof or another major Lost entity puts out word of any change or retractions, we’ll let you know.

As much as I like Obama, I’ll be happy to report Lindelof: 1; Obama: 0. Well, unless you count the presidency itself, of course.

Hail Optimus, Full of Prime!!!!!

Optimus Stained Glass

Holy Hell!!! These stained-glass windows, whether real or not, are incredible. Now I’m not religious in any way but if some church/temple started putting these up, I would be there in a second to worship! And if I had big enough windows in my tiny apartment, I might just have hung these things there as well. Look at these…


jk rowling

Since when did witch hunting become a popular sport again? And why are figments of our imagination becoming headline news? Well, it seems as though JK Rowling was the basis of this hunt when former President Bush’s administration declined to include her in the running for The Presidential Medal of Freedom (the US highest civilian honor usually awarded to scientists, artists and/or humanitarians). Apparently, because the Harry Potter books “promote” which craft, Pres Bush decided it was best not to encourage the outstanding American citizens who whole-heartedly love these books… (more…)

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