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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been expanding with each film and phase. With it comes some truly memorable characters and the actors have done a magnificent job at literally transforming themselves into becoming those characters. Ask a number of people who Robert Downey, Jr. is and the majority would likely say Iron Man (or perhaps Tony Stark, but less likely). The actor’s names have almost become synonymous with their Marvel role. Most fans would probably be up in arms if, say, Chris Evans decided to stop being Captain America and someone else came along to fill the role. It wouldn’t be the same! Well, get this… way back when Marvel was still working on Phase I, the studio originally approached an actor to land a key role in their film(s) but that actor passed. That actor was Mel Gibson. (more…)

It seems that the upcoming sequel RED 2 is really picking up steam with addition of Academy Award-winner Anthony Hopkins as the film’s villain. Deadline is reporting that director Dean Parisot and the producers of RED 2 want Hopkins to play Edward Bailey, who The Hollywood Reporter describes as “a genius scientist who was locked up in an insane asylum.”

So what could possibly stand in the way of Sir Anthony joining the esteemed company of Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich and Mary-Louise Parker in Red 2? Well, if you said Thor 2, you’re well ahead of the curve. It seems that Thor 2 and RED 2 have almost exactly the same shooting schedule, so Hopkins’ people are seeing if they can swing a deal where he can do both at (almost) the same time.

If he is able to sign on, Hopkins will join Catherine Zeta-Jones as the second new cast member in the franchise. Bleeding Cool is supposing that Hopkins will play Zeta-Jones’ father, which would be the second time they’ve played father and daughter on screening  after The Mask of Zorro.

But what might happen if Hopkins can’t do both? Does being Odin take precedent? It damn well better!

Source: Bleeding Cool


Dude, Anthony Hopkins is totally rocking the blinged-out eyepatch as Odin, don’t you think? This is the first official picture of Sir Anthony as Odin, and he looks pretty bad-ass. Loki is in there too, and all I’m saying is that I’m glad they didn’t try for the giant-ass yellow horns thing he usually wore in the comics.

You know, if you’d told me 15 or 20 years ago that there would be a Thor movie directed by Kenneth Branagh, I never would’ve believed it. But sure enough, it’s on its way.

Oh, and if that isn’t enough, get this: “Thor” and “Captain America: The First Avenger” are going to be in 3D. Not shot in 3D, mind you, but post-converted. Yeah, Asgard might look pretty cool in 3D, though ironically, Odin himself wouldn’t be able to enjoy it, as he doesn’t have stereo vision.

But do we really need 3D in every frigging movie? Would it be more appropriate for porno movies? Perhaps. It would be kinda weird depending on the shot, but at least it wouldn’t distract you from the intricate plot.

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