Olivia Cooke


TJ Miller Deadpool

HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ and ‘Deadpool’ star T.J. Miller has been added to the cast of ‘Ready Player One,’ Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of the action-packed, sci-fi novel by Ernest Cline. In the Warner Bros./Village Roadshow produced film, Miller will take on the role of i-R0k, an online troll who searches and monitors the online forums of the wildly popular virtual reality MMO game Oasis. (more…)

Ben Mendelsohn

Hype for the upcoming movie Ready Player One isn’t quite buzzing around the internet yet, but give it time. It’s coming. The film is based off of the debut novel of the same name by author Ernest Cline, the rights to which were purchased by Warner Bros. in an intense bidding war a year before the book was even published. Ready Player One will be directed by one of the most acclaimed filmmakers of all time, Steven Spielberg, and will star Olivia Cooke in a lead role. With things quickly falling into place for this movie, the casting search has turned to the villain of the film and led to veteran actor Ben Mendelsohn, who is currently busy filming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.



While production ramps up for Steven Spielberg‘s adaptation of Ernest Cline‘s Ready Player One, casting is narrowing down. Nick Robinson is reported to be the first choice for the lead character Wade Watts, but who might play Art3mis, the VR avatar who is also after that elusive Easter Egg that will win that multi-billion-dollar OASIS fortune? Word is that Elle Fanning, Olivia Cooke, and Lola Kirke are at the top of the list. (more…)


We’re still a little over 100 days until the premiere of Star Wars VII. However, that won’t hold new information back regarding Star Wars VIII. According to the latest reports, it seems that there are three women up for a leading role in the next film. Those names are Tatiana Maslany, Gina Rodriguez, and Olivia Cooke. Get ready, because it’s time to play the speculation game. (more…)