Olympic Torch

Wether it’s captaining the Enterprise, training X-Men, or getting tapped on the shoulder with a sword by the Queen, Patrick Stewart always seems to come out on top. You can now add Olympic torch carrier to his long list of personal accomplishments.

Stewart is one of many fine people honored to participate in the London Olympic torch relay, which has been steadily moving through England. After passing the flame to the next runner Stewart stopped to talk about the experience.

“I didn’t realize how much it meant until it started, I didn’t realize until we gathered here at the school this morning and then went out in the bus and saw the thousands of people on the streets. The sense of exhilaration that that brought. And the evident pleasure in everyone who was witnessing it and feeling that they were sharing in something extraordinary, which they are.”

Stewart joins a list of sci-fi actors including Doctor Who’s Matt Smith and James McAvoy (Professor Xavier, X-Men First Class), who’ve each run a leg of the Olympic torch’s path to the stadium in London. The final runner of the Olympic torch has not been announced publicly. Check the news Friday to find out who will carry the torch the final leg of the journey. My money is on Prince William or Henry.

Watch Stewart make his run in the video below and also check out what Matt Smith had to say when he stared off the torch’s journey:

Before everyone starts screaming at me, “WRONG DOCTOR!!” I know. I’m familiar with the Doctor Who episode, “Fear Her,” from 2006, as I’m sure many of you are as well. In that episode the Doctor,  David Tennant, jumped in at the last minute to carry the Olympic Torch and help some aliens leave Earth. Or something. Didn’t that episode have people being terrorized by creepy, evil drawings? Yeah, it’s not one of their best. But since then fans have been yearning for the Doctor to really carry the Olympic Torch when the games come to London this year. Some have even suggested it’s now a fixed point in time and must occur. And now it is.

The Beeb’s official Doctor Who Twitter account cryptically tweeted this out yesterday,

While many thought it’d be former Doctor Tennant it will in fact be current Doctor, Matt Smith.

How cool is this?!? I think it’s awesome, and while yes, to have it be Tennant would be perfectly replicating the episode, Smith is the Doctor and as long as the Doctor is carrying the torch I believe the time-space continuum will be okay. I think we can all agree it’s better than having a Weeping Angel get a hold of the torch.

Smith will be wearing the official Torch Bearer uniform so sadly it won’t look like the Doctor is carrying the torch. If he were, it’d probably look something like this,

Just, y’know, photoshop in torch with your mind. For all the deets on Smith’s part in the torch relay head to BBC.

Source: MTV Geek