Online Mutiplayer


Folks, at midnight (Pacific Time), Microsoft will stop any online support for all original XBox games and as though I’m a Playstation fanboy (yeah, yeah, go ahead and give me crap), this is still sad news and I’ll tell ya why (though, be less racist 12 years old online now). What this all means is that any XBox games that has online playability won’t work anymore, and also, any XBox originals will not be downloadable anymore on the 360. The most important out of the bunch is that Halo 2’s online mutiplayer will not be playable anymore. How can that be important you ask, well, people still play the multiplayer for Halo 2 and it’s still consider better than Halo 3’s multiplayer. Maybe many of you has moved on and don’t care but for us folks that likes to play old games, the fact that part of the game is not playable anymore is just crap.

Think about it, what if any part of  a Genesis or SNES game couldn’t be played anymore because of something the company decided to do? It’s just now part of a collection that doesn’t have the complete games. Maybe this is one of the flaws about this generations of video games, know that there are few 360/PS3 games where the online servers are already shutdown, we will never get the whole game, or all of the achievements/trophies for it EVER again… sorry, the trophy whore in me got out. What do you guys think? Is it fair for Microsoft to do this or is this crap? Also, leave some memories of any XBox live moments ya had.

Source: Giant Bomb


I’m not a big into online multiplayer in my games because I suck and when I do win, I get accused of cheating because they believe I have a turbo button controller and there is no way I can be pressing buttons so fast. It’s all the training in my wrist by practice, with you know…gaming. Anyways, thats to youtube, people are able to record and show their awesome kills in videogames. Some of them are good, some are stupid, and a few are just epic. This video here, that features a kill one GuN1t123 has submitted to, shows how much time he had and also how broken the multiplayer is on MW2 but either way, its worth the watch. By a throw of a grenade at a certain spot, it chains into many explosion that leads to a 45 kill streak. It’s beautiful in it’s own way. Check the video after the jump to see this awesome kill and see if you can do it. (more…)