opening theme

Today the internet was gifted yet another version of Game of Throne‘s opening theme. Up until now we’ve heard the heavy metal version, the violin version, the 8-bit version and even a techno remix. But now, we’ve got one with lyrics. Granted, there aren’t a lot of lyrics. In fact it’s only four words repeated over and over, but they work beautifully with the music. And I don’t think any other lyrical composition could so perfectly capture the show’s epic and equally frustrating style of storytelling.

This version of Ramin Djawadi‘s theme is fucking awesome. But what are some of the other great covers of Game of Throne‘s theme?


There’s this equally fucking awesome and hardcore heavy metal version from whitenoiselab,


Going for more of the rave, nightclub mood? Betcha never thought this sweeping theme would transition so well into trance. Just replace broad swords with light sabers.


If you’d like something softer, here it is on violin with all sections performed incredibly by Jason Yang,


What could be better than the theme performed beautifully on violin? How about the theme performed on violin and piano by the beautiful Lara, of Lara Plays Video Game Music. You might remember her from such internet videos as Lara Plays Might Morphin Power Rangers and Lara Plays Tomb Raider Theme and many more! Also, she performs many of these in costume. Shame she couldn’t find a dress or a suit of armor for this this video.


Speaking of video games, can you only imagine how awesome Game of Thrones would be as a classic, 8-bit or 16-bit video game? Just like the original Zelda or Gauntlet! It’d be so badass. Like these 8-bit and 16-bit versions of the theme,

Bonus! This 16-bit video comes with animations of just what a classic video game version, a la Final Fantasy, would look like were it based on Game of Thrones.


Stepping away from the tech world, here is a haunting rendition of the theme on nothing but a good ‘ole acoustic guitar from OggirtMoonfrad.


And finally, on what might be the nerdiest cover yet, I present the Game of Thrones theme on a recorder,

Well, it’s the nerdiest cover until someone performs the theme with a theremin. Come on, music nerds, get on this! Can’t believe I searched the web and didn’t find one version of the Game of Thrones theme on a theremin. I’m disappointed in you, internet.

Which was your favorite cover from our Game of Thrones Mixtape?