Oren Peli

Will Netflix Save ‘The River’?

Talks with Fox about resurrecting Terra Nova are ongoing, but Netflix has sets its sights on also bringing the ABC supernatural amazon series, The River, aboard. The River’s debut season just ended last week and with lackluster ratings and a luke-warm reception, a Netflix “Governor call” seems to be the only thing that can save the Oren Peli created found footage show.

Netflix has already debuted Lillyhammer, and will premier David Fincher’s US adaptation of House of Cards at some point this year (despite some behind the scenes bickering) and the streaming service is also planning on exclusively running a new season of Arrested Development next year, assuming the Mayan’s were wrong.

I’ve gotta say, while all these genre restoration projects warm my geeky heart, and while they will surely thrill the fans of these shows, aren’t there better shows out there that could use a second breath? Blastr says that Netflix is in talks with ABC on an overall deal that includes The River, how about breaking off another season of Better Off Ted? That’s just one of many, many shows I’d love to see make a return, feel free to throw out a few suggestions in the comment section and on our bookface page.


It looks we got us our new Saw franchise as it seems that Paramount is ready for Paranormal Activity 3, which is set for an October 21, 2011 release date. While no details is known about the story, we do know that Oren Peli, director of the first film and producer of the second, will be involved in the project.

While there will be fans that are happy to hear about this as it will expand the story line of the films, this news will probably make some fans worry as it’s just Paramount capitalizing on the franchise. How do y’all feel about this news? Does this please you or are you now worried that this may ruin the franchise? Also, how do you think they will connect the third film with the first two? Tell us by leaving a comment after the break.

Source: /Film