Oswald Cobblepot


One of the things I love about watching certain television shows is that after watching the latest episode I can go online and join discussion groups, Instant Reaction podcasts, or just join the comments section from one of Nerd Bastards’ reviews to discuss the episode and series as a whole. Gotham is one of those shows that has a very active fan base of discussion. Now there is an interesting, and far-fetched Gotham idea that is making the Internet rounds. Imagine this, Cobblepot becomes the not the Penguin as everyone expects, but instead becomes… wait for it…. the Joker. (more…)

oswald 1

With the production for Fox’s upcoming Gotham series underway, we’re finally getting the chance to take a look at what the crew is putting together for us. This week, we have some first looks at the series star as well as one of the infamous villains from the Batman rogue’s gallery. Scroll down to check out James Gordon (played by Ben McKenzie) engaged in a rooftop chase as well as Oswald Cobblepot (AKA The Penguin, played by Robin Lord Taylor) standing around looking shady. (more…)


Being as the shows are on separate networks let’s not expect CW’s Arrow and FOX‘s Gotham to ever intermingle, but that won’t stop DC and Warner Bros. from continuing to dominate the television superhero gig. Over the weekend it was announced Ben McKenzie snagged the starring role of Jim Gordon for FOX’s new crime drama. Now four more roles have been cast, and some are extremely noteworthy. (more…)