The house lights dim, the crowd roars.  The fog machine motor clicks on, the band slowly walks on stage. The amps crackle, the pyrotechnics explode.  The singer’s spiked gauntlets glisten under the stage lights as he puts the microphone to his face.  The fans bang their heads, throw up their devil horns and pray to the gods of metal.  As the first E chord is hit and the first cymbal is crashed, it is then the Roadie knows his epic quest has been a success.  The quest to put on the most brutal metal show the world has ever seen!


Hail Optimus, Full of Prime!!!!!

Optimus Stained Glass

Holy Hell!!! These stained-glass windows, whether real or not, are incredible. Now I’m not religious in any way but if some church/temple started putting these up, I would be there in a second to worship! And if I had big enough windows in my tiny apartment, I might just have hung these things there as well. Look at these…



Think again.


When Luke told me about this, my first thought was “he must be Asian“.  This fucking kid, I don’t know his name so we’ll just call him JESUS, was able to successfully solve two Rubik’s cubes while playing guitar hero on expert.  Jesus even got a 51 note streak.  I don’t know about you, but I am neither able to solve a Rubik’s cube or get a 51 note streak on expert… let alone both… at once…   In epic fashion, Jesus has pwnd all of us lesser beings, and he doesn’t even look old enough to have hair on his peaches.



geekologie via toplessrobot