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The cast of Pacific Rim: Maelstrom continues to assemble yet mysteriously without any members of the original film’s cast. Sure, you can say that the real stars were the giant kaiju and the equally giant robotic jaegers built to defend humanity, but in all the Pac Rim 2 news so far we’ve heard nothing about Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day, Max Martini or any of the other cast members that made the original the hit it was. So add this mystery into the mix: Cailee Spaeny has been cast in the sequel as the female lead. And then you say, “Who?” (more…)

When Pacific Rim was first teased, a collective “YES” could be heard around the world. Jaws dropped as we got our first glimpse at giant robots fighting enormous Kaiju. What do you do, though, once you’ve fed a hungry bear? You have to feed it more, but how long would we have to wait? How many years would have to go by until fans would feel satisfaction once again? Up until a few days ago, fans only needed to wait a couple more years when the original release date for Pacific Rim 2 would hit. It is with great sadness that we have to report that fans may now have to wait a little bit longer. How much longer? Well, that all depends… (more…)

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Wondering when Guillermo del Toro is going to finally get started on the next chapter of his giant robots versus giant monsters franchise, Pacific Rim? Ever since the first movie came out, people have been waiting for more. Del Toro was pretty adamant about the fact that he was going to continue with a second film and now it seems as if he’s finally getting to it. Scroll on to find out the latest concerning when they’ll begin shooting as well as a rumor about what the possible title will be. (more…)

Charlie Day and Burn Gorman

Guillermo del Toro is a busy man with a great work ethic it seems. With his recent announcement that he has finished and handed in the script for Warner Bros. tentatively proposed Justice League Dark adaptation, and having wrapped filming for his next directorial feature Crimson Peak (set for an October 17 2015 release), now – during promotional rounds for the DVD and Blu-ray release of FX’s The Strain – he has also been discussing the Pacific Rim 2 script that he has been developing (…does this man ever sleep, seriously?!). Guillermo has been elaborating on some plot details for the follow-up to the International Kaiju smashing blockbuster hit Pacific Rim, and it sound like we are going to be seeing more of Charlie Day’s Dr. Newton Geiszler, and Burn Gorman’s Gottlieb. (more…)


Guillermo del Toro will return to direct Legendary Pictures’ Pacific Rim 2, the next chapter of the epic rock ’em sock ’em Mech on Kaiju epic action-adventure. While we have about a 3 year wait until del Toro’s Pac Rim 2 is released, Legendary Pictures has released a teaser poster for it on their Pacific Rim Facebook feed. It features several warships about be sucked into a vortex in the ocean. Check it out below, and hear what del Toro has to say about a possible 3rd film.   (more…)


Guillermo del Toro has made a name for himself as the CGI generation’s answer to Ray Harryhausen. With films such as Pan’s Labrynth, Hellboy, and Pacific Rim under his belt, he has emerged as the 21st century’s premiere creator of cinematic monsters both terrible and wondrous.

And he’s prepared to share his secrets to building a better monster with the viewers of the recently launched Hispanic-Interest network El Rey–brainchild of Robert Rodriguez, acclaimed director of such films as Spy Kids, Sin City, and From Dusk Til Dawn. Rodriguez hosts a show on El Rey called The Director’s Chair where he sits down with fellow filmmakers, and discusses the art of cinema. Watch a trailer for an upcoming edition of Rodriguez’s show where he chitchats with del Toro after the jump: (more…)


Guillermo del Toro‘s a busy man these days; his new series The Strain has been enjoying a lot of positive feedback on FX, and he’s currently filmming his next big screen effort Crimson Peak. But because fans have long memories, we also want any and all details on stuff that might be developing, no matter how early, about upcoming work, like the sequel to del Toro’s 2013 hit Pacific Rim. Pacific Rim 2 was a surprise announcement last month, because a lot of the discussion about it till then was geared more towards the speculative. But now it’s full steam ahead, and while talking about his current projects, del Toro let slip a bit of detail about what might be coming, and where it might take place, in Pac Rim 2. (more…)


Guillermo del Toro took to Reddit two days ago for a little question and answer session with fans of all his crazy works. This outing included another round of “When is Hellboy 3 coming out?” For del Toro to have revealed plot details (below), let’s just say things aren’t looking too hopeful. What’s standing in the way of this film’s future? Read on through to find out. (more…)


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