Painkiller Jane


It wasn’t the biggest comic book movie news from San Diego Comic Con, but the news that Painkiller Jane was going to be made into a movie by Jen and Sylvia Soska (AKA: The Twisted Twins) was an intriguing development for fans of the Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada created comic. You see, there have been two half-hearted attempts to bring the comic book to life, and neither of them were very well-received by either fans or the general audience. The Soskas hope to change that though, and they aim to do it by embracing the things that made the comic enjoyable in the first place. That begins, in a sense, with the letter R. (more…)


Jimmy Palmiotti is the co-creator of Painkiller Jane and the writer behind Harley Quinn, All-Star Western, and Batwing. Recently, Palmiotti announced that a Painkiller Jane feature film was in development off of a script that he co-wrote. His company, Paper Films, also embarked on their sixth Kickstarter campaign, successfully funding Denver — a post apocalyptic mature original graphic novel from Palmiotti, co-writer Justin Gray, and artist Pier Brito — in just six days.

In an exclusive interview with Nerd Bastards, Palmiotti takes us through some of Denver‘s details and explains why he chose Kickstarter over more traditional methods. Palmiotti also talks to us about the future of the Painkiller Jane comic at Icon, why the time was right for a film adaptation, his happy relationship with DC editorial and what he thinks about some of the public breaks from the company that others have experienced.  (more…)