Giancarlo Esposito is well-known for playing some not so good guys on Breaking Bad and Revolution, but the man himself, as he appeared at Toronto ComiCon, was warm, jovial, and inspirational. More than the standard Q&A with a celebrity guest, Esposito sometimes wandered into the realm of the motivational talk as he discussed memories from the set, and lessons learned for the everyday. (more…)


It was exactly one year ago that a little TV show called Orphan Black came to Toronto ComiCon for some pre-release buzz; the panel took place in a small room and maybe a couple of dozen curious fans came in. Fast-forward a year and there are enough Orphan Black fans to fill one of the biggest panel rooms, and then some. This was the scene for series’ stars Tatiana Maslany and Jordan Gavaris on Saturday afternoon. In front of a standing room only crowd of (predominantly) female fans, Maslany and Gavaris recalled their roller coaster first season and teased the highly anticipated season two. (more…)


This year’s Comic Con saw a lot of great moments: Loki’s verbal assault on Hall H, Karen Gillan’s bald head, and Dan Harmon‘s dramatic entrance to Sunday’s Community panel dressed as Iron Man. Thank to the ever awesome, Emergency Awesome, the full panel is now available online. Featuring Harmon along with executive producer Chris McKenna and stars Alison BrieYvette Nicole BrownGillian JacobsKen JeongDanny Pudi, and Jim Rash, the panel was a big hit and the crowd was in full celebration. The nightmare that was last season of Community is now behind us.

Watch the full Comic Con panel for Community below cut, and also check out video of the Marvel panel, the Agents of SHIELD panel, the FOX panel, the Doctor Who panel, the Robocop panel, and the panel for The World’s End.



Since we’re not all blessed enough to currently be basking in the majesty of our nerdy deities at SDCC, the powers that be have seen fit to allow the entire Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. panel discussion starring His Whedonosity, and the cast and crew of the highly anticipated ABC series (the pilot of which was recently premiered at SDCC) to be posted online for the benefit of untouchable scum like us.

Basically, this is the best those of us who missed the Con are gonna do until the series premiere on September 24–unless, of course, a poor quality bootleg of the pilot shows up online somewhere.

ABC also threw in these nine new pics, which are a mix of behind and in front of the camera shots (the first being at the head of this report).


SDCC 2011: The Amazing Spider-Man Panel

We’ve got some great footage from the Amazing Spider-Man panel at the San Diego Comic-Con of 2011!

This first video is actually the same video we posted not long ago, of Andrew Garfield‘s super passionate Spidey speech, but of incrementally better quality. I could watch that thing over and over again and not get tired of it because he is really putting his heart and soul into that speech (and, believe me, I get tired of shit really quickly; I have the attention span of a fruit fly).

The second video includes bits of the panel speaking about the movie — primarily Marc Webb, and Emma Stone. And, y’know, Spidey hugging the Lizard… no big deal. Also, I couldn’t help but notice that director Marc Webb’s got a very prominent and unfortunate bald spot, and should cover that shit up with a laurel wreath or a toupee or something. I’ll let it go, though, only because I do believe he’s invested in this film in all the right ways.

Yeah, so Rhys Ifans really wanted to come and so he busted some po po ass to get there for the panel.

Source: Geek Tyrant

Here’s a special treat for all you Twilight fans out there. I decided at 6:00 this morning  (*Thurs 7/21) that I was going to grace the Twilight Panel with my presence. I hopped on the bus and headed down to the convention center and got in line. I actually had a pretty good spot in line and definitely had an in to this panel. While I was waiting out side, I was fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Booboo Stewart and Elisabeth Reaser. Met some pretty cool people in line and enjoyed the most of my 3 1/2 hour wait. (more…)