Like the “average” summer movie fare, Pixels has good stuff and bad stuff.  Like most films that want to be profitable and seen as a “hit” in the eyes of the public, the question must that must be asked is “does the good stuff outweigh the bad stuff?”  If you’re an eager pre-teen movie-goer, a parent of an eager pre-teen movie-goer, or a thirtysomething who really digs some deep-reaching retro references, then Pixels is probably right up your alley.  And if you don’t fall into one of those categories?  Well, let’s just say that your princess might be in another castle.


Paperboy: The Movie


Have ya ever tried to deliver papers while having break dancers, fat cats, tornadoes, and death himself trying to stop you from making those subscribers get their news? Then ya probably haven’t played Paperboy because you have all those enemies plus more. Dorkly recently found a fan made trailer, which was made for 2009 Fantastic Fest, of the 26 year old game.

While Paperboy never had a real story, this trailer shows how Hollywood probably would have handle it and hey, the trailer even has memorable quote as well. One weird thing though, after watching the trailer, I really want to eat something with ketchup. I don’t know if it was the “blood” or the fact that I’m fat hungry nerd right now.

Source: Dorkly