Green Lantern opens next week and to keep your interest piqued Warner Bros. has released a slew of clips. Eight clips in total are available and they give you a very abridged version of what we can expect from the flick, each one covering a specific point in the film. Obviously, these tend to be pretty spoilery, so if that’s not your thing I wouldn’t check these out.

I’ve brought the final clip, and by far the best, up to the front to make sure you give it a watch. This clip comes from the what I’m guessing is the final battle of the film. So again, duh, spoilers. What’s great about this clip is we get to see Hal (Ryan Reynolds) creating some constructs. The constructs are what the Green Lanterns are known for, their incredible imagination to create just about whatever they need to get the job done. In the clip below Hal makes a catapult, a spring, and a giant turret gun. Badass.

After watching these clips a lot of my fear and trepidation about this movie is lifting. It looks like a lot of fun, and that’s what a summer action flick, and a Green Lantern movie, should be. Plus, I think some of the final post-production work they did on his suit and mask have payed off, it looks a little less fake. Green Lantern opens nationwide June 17th.

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With little more then 3 months until the Martin Campbell directed Green Lantern film hits theaters, there’s still a looming question in the air on what Parallax -yellow fear based entity-  will look like. Other then a production shot, no one has seen much else of the yellow monster/villain. If you’ve been reading the Green Lantern series you know what Parallax is, a creature of fear imprisoned inside the central power battery of Oa. Known simply as “the yellow impurity”, a reason for a lantern’s weakness, we now have a better look at this villain thanks to an upcoming toy.

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It appears that our friends at have gotten their hands on some storyboards and concept art from the upcoming Green Lantern movie!

It definitely appears as if the photo’s are indeed genuine, but the only way to truly know is if Warner Brothers orders them to be pulled down … so, I guess we’ll see.

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