When fans held a rousing internet roast for Sonic The Hedgehog’s movie design, almost no one would have guessed the studio’s response. Merely a few days after the full trailer release, Paramount Animations revealed they were planning to do a full redesign before the movie came out. Horrifyingly, that’s only a short 6 months away. And considering how much time will go to finishing production, it’ll likely be even less for the poor artists on the project.

Just from a pop culture standpoint, this was met with an uproarious amount of people saying that they’re sad Paramount is trying to fix the shit movie they were excited to see. All the memes that will never see the light of day truly breaks any internet troll’s heart. 


For a film that was based on such a popular and iconic anime, the 2017 western remake of Ghost in the Shell has had a less than stellar response, from both critics and general audiences. Despite having some incredible source material to work from and the modern CGI technology to give the sci fi story the visual style it deserves, the movie reviews have been, for the most part, “mixed or average”. Though this could be for a number of reasons – and, indeed, various critics have voiced different opinions about what they found lacking in the new film – domestic distribution chief for Paramount, Kyle Davies, thinks that he knows the main one. (more…)