paranormal activity


Oh, the Paranormal Activity films…Either you love them or you hate them, there really is no in between.  After five successful entries in the series, it appears that the found footage franchise is finally hanging up its hat, and if the trailer for the next chapter of the story is any indication, Paranormal Activity is about to go out with a scream. (more…)


It looks we got us our new Saw franchise as it seems that Paramount is ready for Paranormal Activity 3, which is set for an October 21, 2011 release date. While no details is known about the story, we do know that Oren Peli, director of the first film and producer of the second, will be involved in the project.

While there will be fans that are happy to hear about this as it will expand the story line of the films, this news will probably make some fans worry as it’s just Paramount capitalizing on the franchise. How do y’all feel about this news? Does this please you or are you now worried that this may ruin the franchise? Also, how do you think they will connect the third film with the first two? Tell us by leaving a comment after the break.

Source: /Film

“Paranormal Activity” was full of some freaky stuff — blankets blew off the bed, a girl sleep-stared at her boyfriend, and things caught on fire for no reason. However, the movie actually should have been longer than it was. Thanks to, we’ve got the deleted scenes for you. You’ll see that ghosts not only go bump in the night, but they go “Unh, unh, unh, unnnhhhhh” in the night, too.