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The recent mega-crossovers for both DC Comics and Marvel have focused on the collapsing multiverse, a concept where in multiple universes, anything that could have happened, did happen. With today’s announcement about the next Halloween movie, the horror/slasher series started by John Carpenter in 1978, I can’t help but wonder if the world of Michael Myers needs a similar pallet cleanser. After six movies (including the non-Myers part 3), Halloween H20 erased the continuity from everything but the first and second movie. Then, after Halloween: Resurrection, came Rob Zombie‘s two Halloween series entries which were themselves remakes of the whole series. And now, a new pair of filmmakers is going back to the beginning. Or at last Halloween II. The first one. To tell the latest iteration of the babysitter killer saga. (more…)

Video game movies are notorious for being giant piles of flaming crap. So, when we all heard that the gore filled, sword swinging Kratos from the Playstation franchise God Of War was to get a big screen adaptation, we feared the worst. Definitely another feature destined for the discount movie bin, right?

Not so, according to Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan.

In an interview with IGN the pair, probably best known for writing the last four SAW sequels, talked about just how they would translate the game to the big screen:

“In the same way that Batman was grounded with Christopher Nolan’s rendition, we were attempting to do that with Kratos so that when we meet him — like they’re doing in this newest game, which is sort of a prequel to the original — we’re seeing him before he became the Ghost of Sparta, when he was just a Spartan warrior and he had family and kids… In the game… there’s that attack from the barbarians and Kratos has to call upon Ares to help him. Really, that’s going to be our first act break. Before then, he’s going to be mortal, and he’s going to have his family. We’re going to learn about him and understand how he operates. So it’s potentially 30 minutes — give or take — of building up this character so that, when he does turn and becomes the Ghost of Sparta, we understand him as a human and we understand the journey that he’s going to take. We’re emotionally invested, so that it could go beyond just this one movie.”

They also spoke about Ares, the Greek God of War and final boss of the 2005 game, and how his goals would be slightly changed:

“In the game, you know, he’s immortal, and he doesn’t really do much besides raid Athens… So we’re trying to build him up a bit more, too, so that he can become a true villain.”

In the game, Kratos is such a one note character (badass murderin’ mutha f*cker), so it’s nice see their going to build him up and give him some depth. However, I still don’t believe this adaption is going to break stigma of bad video game movies.

The film will be produced by Atlas Entertainment. However, no release date or director has been announced as of yet.

Source: Comic Book Movie

First Assassin’s Creed, then Deus Ex, and now… God of War. Jeeze, I guess news surrounding adaptations of popular video games comes in threes. If this is anything like celebrity deaths, the news can’t be good. Hmph!

God of War is a third-person action game series first released in 2005. Since then, it has spawned two sequels on PlayStation, a mobile game and two portables. A third console sequel is scheduled for release next year. In the game you’re Kratos, a pasty skinned, musclebound, warrior  who’s hell bent on revenge. Your sole purpose, as a player, is to smash buttons and kick mythological ass. It’s fun stuff!  Anyhow, with Kratos being such a fan-revered butt-kicker, and considering the franchise’s success, it was just a matter of time before Hollywood took interest.

Actually, Hollywood took interest about 5 or so years ago. An early script was drafted by David Self and Brett Ratner was rumored to direct. Obviously, nothing came of it. And thank God (no pun intended). The less the world is exposed the Brett Ratner the better.

According to The Hollywood Reporter  Pacific Rim And Saw Writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan have just been pegged to revive the live-action adaptation of God of War from Sony Computer Entertainment.

I’d make a crack about how the scribes of Saw IV through VII are bound to fuck this up, but their work with Guillermo del Toro on Pacific Rim has now set them on the action tentpole path. It’s entirely plausible that they can make a good movie out of God of War. Then again, there has never been a well-made film of a video-game adaptation. It’s a cursed genre.

On the other hand, I think it’s a bit odd that 3 video game adaptions have been announced. Maybe Hollywood is realizing the comic book genre well is running dry and it’s time to focus attention on making quality movies based on video games. Or, is that just wishful thinking?

SAW Maybe Seeing Its ENDGAME


Hello, Nerdbastard Fans. Would you like to play a game?

I’m sure the answer to this question is no. However, I’m pretty sure you would all like some answers as to where SAW is going to take us next. Let’s take a trip down memory lane for a second. Think back to October 29, 2004. SAW made its début and we all thrilled and excited and couldn’t wait until the sequel came out. Fast-forward a year later to October 28, 2005. SAW II was released and we were begging for more. Enter October 27, 2006. The third installment of SAW comes out and about ¾ of the fans are still itching for next year when 4 comes out. However, that other ¼ start to fall off the wagon and are starting to get bored. Here comes October 26, 2009. Still hoping for answers some of us can’t wait until next October and even more people are jumping the boat. And so on until most recently when, on October 23, 2009 SAW 6 was released. Now, if you’re like me you jumped off the wagon after SAW 5. I couldn’t take it anymore. And NO, I have not seen SAW 6 to this day. And actually, I still don’t have any desire to. I got tired of the same shit being portrayed in different ways. (Just like HOUSE if you ask me, same plot, different problem). But if you saw the movie, I’m giving you props for hanging in there and I hope next October comes quickly for you.