Patrick Willems

DC Logo Causes Hysterical Hysteria

When I sat down at my computer to check on the slew of information on Facebook, as is custom for me, I happen upon an odd photo on my News Feed. I do a double-take and sure enough it is the “new” DC Logo. In the past year DC has made a lot of changes, and people have been on the spectrum of giving an overt amount of concern over it while others have been nonchalantly taking it for what it was dishing out and only complaining if needed. First looking at the logo, I didn’t get it.

It almost felt to me like they were making me undress the C of DC, and giving it attention I didn’t necessarily care to give it. So with my obvious confusion on the “meaning” behind the new logo, I’m given a video that hilariously and outrightly puts me at ease on the whole situation.

Another wonderful little gem by Youtuber PatrickWillems, that give us a chuckle makes us realize “Meh, we’ll get used to it…eventually.”

Two Words. Sonic Screwdriver.

That’s the lesson we learn today from those meddling kids over at Lumberjack Films.  Afterwards They Will Explode from the filmmaker Patrick Willems shows us how every action movie cliché crumbles when the Doctor is there with the ultimate fix all device.

It stars a guy this that is a dead ringer for David Tennant with special guest star dude with bitchin’ fez and it’s after the jump.