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While San Diego Comic Con has again remained resistant to live-streaming any of their panels, with today’s ability to easily record video and social media, quite a bit of what goes on at the Con becomes available online, whether officially or not. Here I’ve got a few videos which will definitely be of interest to any Game of Thrones fans unable to attend SDCC. The first comes from the Hall H panel where earlier today was streamed a tongue in cheek “In Memoriam” video of all those who’ve lost their lives over the seasons. Set to Boys II Men.

Something about that soulful R & B tune really makes all that senseless character death hit home.

On Friday night the nerdy, vaudevillian, comedy music show, w00tstock took place and while the duo, Paul & Storm were performing their Game of Thrones tune, “Write Like the Wind,” about author George R.R. Martin and how he must write faster, someone crashed the stage! And smashed their guitar! It was GRRM! Then Neil Gaiman showed up, and well, you’ll just want to watch this for yourself.



Veteran nerdy musicians Paul and Storm, of w00tstock! fame, are already known for their nerdy music and catchy Twitter hashtags but they’re about to catapult into geek royalty with their new show Learning Town. The show, which centers around the shenanigans of the duo as they try their hand at children’s television, premiers on Geek and Sundry January 15th. Check out the interview below to see Paul and Storm dish about being nerds, setting puppets on fire and what makes them geek-out.


Paul and Storm: Write Like the Wind, George R.R. Martin!

If your a fan of the HBO series Game of Thrones there’s a good chance you’ve sought out the novels it’s based on. You might have been surprised to discover the series is still unfinished, but did you know the agonizing wait George R.R. Martin has been subjecting fans to for years!? Let’s just run through the publication dates for the series, shall we? A Game of Thrones 1996; A Clash of Kings 1999; A Storm of Swords 2000; A Feast for Crows 2005; A Dance with Dragons 2011.

As if the five year wait till book four wasn’t torture enough then it was another six years for the fifth! And just to let you know, A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons were originally intended to be one book but when things got too long winded, he split ’em. Meaning, we visit half the characters in one and half in the other. MEANING, some characters hadn’t been heard from since 2000’s A Storm of Swords when last year’s A Dance with Dragons came out. To call this frustrating is a major understatement.

But the fans have stuck it through like good chaps, and have been waiting patiently for Martin’s next novel, The Winds of Winter. Which is only the sixth book in the proposed seven book series. When will he finish!? It’s something we ask ourselves all the time, and today, we can ponder this query musically.

Paul and Storm have finished their newest song, “Write Like the Wind, George R.R. Martin,” and today it got an official video thanks to Geek and Sundry. We shared their original rendition from a Wootstock performance in an earlier Nerdy Bits, but this video’s got production quality. As well as Jeff Lewis from The Guild, so it’s pretty stellar on all fronts. Definitely check it out, and please, George R.R. Martin, WRITE FASTER! WE BEG YOU!

Source: The Mary Sue

Web content is the future. And the queen of nerdy web content is Felicia Day. Not surprising at all then, Day is bringing her flair for the geek to YouTube with a brand new channel. Geek and Sundry, launching April 2nd,  will focus on the very best of indie geek culture. There will be shows hosted by Day herself as well as Wil Wheaton, Veronica Belmont, Tom Merritt, and Paul and Storm. Also expect guest appearances by Grant Imahara, Jenna Busch, Colin Ferguson and lots more.

In addition to all the new content, Geek and Sundry will be showing season five of The Guild starting April 10th.

Here’s the trailer featuring all of the channel’s upcoming shows,

Here’s the channel lineup,

Monday: The Flog

Tuesday: The Guild (Season 5 starts April 10th)

Wed: Dark Horse Motion Comics/Written by a Kid (July 16th)

Thursday: Guild extras (New Bonus Content!)

Friday: Tabletop/Sword and Laser (With alternating bonus material!)

Now I’m subscribing to this channel, I’m already subscribed to Nerdist’s new channel, what other YouTube channels should we be checking out?

Let the YouTube TV revolution begin!

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This is one awesome Black Canary tattoo. So much sass and attitude. And of course sex. Based on art by Warren Louw, tattoo artist Katie Williams of House of Tattoo in Tacoma, WA captured Canary perfectly. (Fashionably Geek)


PAX 2011 had it’s Acquisitions Incorporated (starring: Wil Wheaton, Jerry Holkins, Mike Krahulik, Scott Kurtz, and Chris Perkins) Dungeon & Dragons theatrical stage show once again this year and the complete videos are now available for viewing online.

Why bother? Because this might be one of the best examples of the fun that can be had at a good gaming session. I know that your weekly gaming session won’t have all the bells and whistles that this stage production does. Who has that kind of time or money to invest in that besides these guys? You can however have that same sense of adventure, humor, and camaraderie that makes D&D or any gaming sessions great.

Grab your favorite beverage of choice, a bag of pork rinds (or healthy vegetable substitute), and check out the video below. The rest of the show can be seen at the Wizards of the Coast PAX 2011 website. The music that accompanies the gaming session can be picked up at Paul and Storm’s.