Paul Anderson

Resident Evil Afterlife

Resident Evil fans already knew another movie was in the works, because love it or not, the Resident Evil movie franchise is a money-maker, and money makers get sequels. The good news is that the creative force behind the entire series of movies Paul Anderson, is still fully in charge of the script and about to get started on the yet unnamed Resident Evil 6 script. (more…)


Did you like the first Mortal Kombat film? Do you like the Resident Evil films? Were you a fan of Alien vs. Predator? Well, good news for you because Paul WS Anderson will officially directing the old school space story, Buck Rogers and you’ll probably enjoy this while most of us will be skeptical. Buck Rogers, what is credited to bringing the space exploration genre to the masses, has had its fair share of movies and TV shows and now the new generation of folks will be introduced to the classic comic character. Seems like the only hope for this film is that it’s written by Art Marcum and Matt Halloway, in which these fine folks wrote Iron Man. Paul WS Anderson has been a hit or miss with me, I enjoy some of his work. I enjoyed Mortal Kombat because it was close to a video game that had no real story at the time. The first Resident Evil movie was good and hey, we got a naked Milla Jovovich out of it. He has some misses as well with the AvP and Dead or Alive. If there is one thing we can thank him, it’s that he is the reason why Kano is now Australian.

Source: GeekTyrant