Since the Nintendo Switch release in early 2017, more and more creative, colorful games have been developed to fit the console. While many of these games also have PC releases, they complement perfectly the whimsical and fun aesthetic of the Switch. One of those games in Wandersong, a unique puzzle platformer with one hell of a musical heart. (more…)

Prepare to Meet Your ‘Doom… 4’


It’s been nearly 10 years since the release of the last Doom video game, which is a lifetime in the history of the video game business. But now there’s news that the beta version of the long-awaited Doom 4 will be coming to a video game console near you, and if you want, you best get your browser over to the website for the new Wolfenstein game and pre-order that sucker. (more…)

A few video game trailers hit the web today and I can (almost) guarantee you’re excited for at least one of them. One is the hotly anticipated Assassin’s Creed III, another is the final DLC pack to cap off Batman: Arkham City, Harley Quinn’s Revenge, and the third is a Transformers game based off the awesome ‘toon, Transformers Prime. Okay, I’ll admit I might be the only one excited about Transformers Prime, but I’m telling you guys, the show is superb and I hope so is the game.

Let’s check out this Assassin’s Creed III trailer which provides us our first look at some gameplay.

Holy. Shit. I feel more patriotic already. I was already hooked by the premise, Assassin’s in America, but after this trailer? Excuse me while I go pre-order. NOW. The game looks incredible! I was a little concerned about how things would transition to the American Revolution setting, for instance how easy would it be to use sneak attacks or quick escapes in a forest? Well, the trailer has abated any concerns I had. I mean, did you see it!?! You can assassinate a bear! Fine, you just kill it but I’d like to imagine that bear was on someone’s hit list.

Assassin’s Creed III releases for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on October 30.

What did you think it? Does it look like it’ll live up to previous game’s in the franchise?

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If you haven’t yet tried your hand at the Portal games, you’re missing out some of the most fun and ingenious gaming around. Portal and its even better sequel, Portal 2 are basically first person puzzle games, yet so much more. With a captivating and at times hilarious mystery you can only survive if you can solve all of Aperture’s test chambers. Now, if you have played Portal you know how frustrating some chambers can be. So much so you might say, hurl your controller across the room while you curse Wheatley’s name. Not that I’m speaking from personal experience or anything.


On May 8th you to can create your own impossibly hard levels within Aperture with Valve‘s official Portal 2 level creator called the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Sadly, and I’m saying this as someone who plays on the Xbox, the creator is only available via Steam for PC and Mac. But it sounds so cool I think I’ll be checking it out anyway.

Valve says you’ll be able to “easily create, share, and play Portal 2 puzzles” with the new DLC, which lets you publish maps directly to Steam. Other players will be able to browse, vote, and download user-created maps to play in their own versions of the game.

What kind of evil puzzles will you think up? I imagine it would have to involve lots of turrets and maybe a few lasers thrown in to add some deadly circumstances.

Source: Kotaku

Today we finally got our first look at the upcoming PS3, PS Vita and PC game, Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock. And while it’s exciting to see the Doctor and River running around on some new adventure, particularly one you can play a part in, it’s a little underwhelming to see how much of the game plays like a 2-D platformer. This would be fine if this were a downloadable game, but as a full release it’s disapointing.

Still, it looks like a fun game in where you’ll have the chance to play as both the Doctor and River, beingm of course, voiced by Matt Smith and Alex Kingston. Now, other have pointed out, and I’ll have to agree, that only River is seen using a gun. I don’t find that strange at all, but we don’t see the Doctor doing anything similar, meaning you might end up playin mostly as River. And I’m kinda okay with that, but then it doesn’t really fufill the promise of a DOCTOR Who video game. More like a River Song Kicks A Lot of Ass Game. Which, again, I’m okay with.

Watch the trailer below and tell us what you think?

Source: Topless Robot

World war 3 has been unleashed…and it looks bloody awesome.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, or COD:MW3, is the latest edition to the first person shooter franchise developed by Infinity Ward, and is a direct sequel to 2009’s best selling Modern Warfare 2. With less then a month left what better then to hype the game with an action packed single player trailer.

Titled “Redemption”, this trailer shows off more of MW3’s single player storyline, with all of it’s explosions and eye popping visuals. People are already sold on the mulitplayer so why not show the people what makes the single player so strong.

In about two weeks time we’ll all be huddled in front of our televisions, swinging through the buildings of Gotham or gaping at Catwoman’s ample cleavage. That’s right, Batman: Arkham City is upon us. Never before have I been so anxious to get my hands on a video game’s sequel. Arkham Asylum was perfect, in both it’s game play and mechanics, as well as it’s translation of the Dark Knight to the third person action-adventure game. How can Arkham City ever hope to surpass it?

First off, even though Asylum took place in, well, uh, Arkham Asylum, it’s Arkham City that boasts the most villains. From Hugo Strange to the Penguin, Two-Face, and I wouldn’t completely trust Catwoman if I were Bats, Arkham City seems to have a part for every one of Batman’s rogues to play. The newest addition was caught by Youtuber, MrKQGaming, in a recent Arkham City montage on Qore. Who’d he spy? Jarvis Tetch, also known as The Mad Hatter.

I think players will find his mind control abilities and preference for young, fair, blonde girls a perfect fit in the creepy world of Rocksteady’s Gotham.

So if Arkham City is home to more villains than Asylum, what of those who fight for the side of good? We know Batman, obviously, and Catwoman are featured as the in game, in story playable characters, Tim Drake’s Robin will be available as a Best Buy exclusive with his own challenge maps, but what of the original Robin, Dick Grayson. Will he appear as Nightwing? The rumors are yes, and those rumors are starting to look very likely. Check out these unearthed, potential character images,

Okay, I’ve kind of got a thing for Dick Grayson, not unlike many Batman fangirls. He’s like Bruce, but without too much of the weird, emotional baggage. But these images do not make my heart a’flutter. Maybe I’ll change my mind when and if we see him in game, maybe with just as many gratuitous ass shots as Catwoman. Come on guys, it’s only fair if the fan service swings both ways.

To add more credence to the rumor Nightwing will appear in Arkham City, XBOX 360’s Avatar Marketplace is releasing Arkham City themed items, including a Nightwing t-shirt. Is it simply a nod to comic book fans or a tease of the character’s inclusion?

Well, there’s your roundup of rumors and speculation surrounding the release of Batman: Arkham City on October 18th. Will you be picking up the game? If so, for which console? Or are you planning to buy the PC version?

Sources: Geek Tyrant (2), Comics Alliance


Two great looking video games are coming out which will allow you to play pretend and run around as the Caped Crusader, everyone’s childhood dream, right? One allows you to live in the skin of the Batman as he patrols Gotham overrun by Arkham inmates, the other has you to dress up in gear with the Batman logo and shoot a lot of guns. You decide which is the truer representation.

Batman: Arkham City, the much anticipated sequel to Arkham Asylum drops on October 18th for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. At Comic-Con a new trailer was released giving us a glimpse of more obstacles ahead for the Dark Knight. Clue, he was born on a Monday.

The Penguin looks creepy and Solomon Grundy will be a handful. But you’re Batman, you can totally handle it. Also joining Bats in the new game will be Talia Al Ghul, voiced by Stana Katic. Whether she’ll be friend or foe is unknown, but I’m sure she has plans for Batman. Plans that might not sit well with his other sometimes paramour, Catwoman. All I’m saying, is there should be an option for a one on one fight between Talia and Catwoman with Batman as the prize.

The second Batman game is probably the farthest thing from a Batman game. This is Gotham City Imposters. First off, you arm your character with guns, then team up and take down opposing factions in a multi-player death match. The two teams are the Batz and Jokerz and your customizable character will affiliate with one or the other. You’ll show off your team pride in an assortment of kitschy gear.

Imposters will be a downloadable game for XBLA and PSN and is set for a Holiday 2012 release. Which Bat-game are you most excited for? Clearly, Arkham City is the most faithful but I think Imposters looks fun. As long you join the Jokerz team, parading around as Batman with a gun feels wrong.

source: ComicAlliances (2)

Welcome gaming bastards to another edition of G.R.O.W.

This is NerdBastards weekly game release of the week list, where we give y’all a heads up on what has come out for the consoles and PC/Mac. We also cover downloadable titles as well.

We only got a few releases this week but they are titles that are worth checking out as we got some shooting goodness and not to mention, some action-adventure set in a fantasy world. There’s even one downloadable game that features fighting mechs, who doesn’t love fighting mechs?

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