The third season of Gotham will see Paul Reubens reprising his role as the father of Oswald Cobblepot, the Penguin. Reubens first played the role back in Tim Burton‘s Batman Returns in 1992. Will he still have the name Tucker Cobblepot, or will Gotham take liberties with the name, and more importantly, what will he look like? While we don’t know about the name, we can at least clear up any lingering doubts about how the character will look in Gotham. (more…)


If you watch Gotham on weekly basis, then you know that the writers are having fun screwing around with the basic DNA of the comic book, from Selina Kyle witnessing the Wayne murders, to Poison Ivy’s dad being a suspect, to last night’s introduction of the Scarecrow who turns out has a crazy daddy just as obsessed with phobias as he will one day be. Gotham loves its bad eggs, or at least the characters that will one day costume up and become bad eggs, but unless they’re going to start dipping into the nosebleeds and do the origin stories for Egg-Head and King Tut, there’s still one last Batman big bad left to be introduced on the show, and according to the show’s executive producer he’s coming. Sooner than you think. (more…)


Fox’s Gotham has been one of the most talked about new shows on the year, but not always in glowing or flattering terms. The series seems rather terminally obsessed with Batman’s rouges gallery, which can often come across as rather cartoonish as opposed to what, I think, a lot of us wanted Gotham to be, which was The Wire version of pre-Dark Knight Gotham City. In spite of that, one of the bright spots of the show has been Robin Lord Taylor‘s portrayal of Oswald Cobblepot, AKA: The Penguin, and Taylor’s performance has been so compelling that a popular new theory has been making the internet rounds: What if Gotham’s Penguin, ended up being The Joker? Well the actor himself has now responded to the concept. (more…)


Being as the shows are on separate networks let’s not expect CW’s Arrow and FOX‘s Gotham to ever intermingle, but that won’t stop DC and Warner Bros. from continuing to dominate the television superhero gig. Over the weekend it was announced Ben McKenzie snagged the starring role of Jim Gordon for FOX’s new crime drama. Now four more roles have been cast, and some are extremely noteworthy. (more…)