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As the countdown continues to dwindle for the May 3rd opening of director Shane Black‘s Iron Man 3, the marketing and press for the movie continues to escalate. Yesterday, posted an interesting interview with Gwyneth Paltrow that explores many of the Pepper Potts questions fans everywhere want answered. Take a look and meet me on the other side to discuss. Where do we find Pepper in “Iron Man 3”?

Gwyneth Paltrow: When we find Pepper in “Iron Man 3,” she and Tony Stark are very much in a relationship. They’re living together, she’s moved into his house in Malibu, and she’s still running Stark Industries, so their lives are very intertwined. There’s a lot of comfort between them now, so it’s not the kind of tentative relationship they had in the first [movie]. It’s very comfortable. I think you get the sense that they know each other very well and they’re in a serious relationship. Is it fun to get to play more romantically with Robert Downey, Jr. in this film as opposed to the tension?

Gwyneth Paltrow: It’s very nice to have the relationship evolve over the course of a few pictures, and especially now. Robert and I have always had a really great working relationship and we’re very happy working together, and it’s nice to phase it into something else. It’s still all the banter, but it’s less tenuous. You get to wear the suit in this one. Were you ever expecting to do that?

Gwyneth Paltrow: There were talks of Pepper getting in the suit at the end of “Iron Man 2,” but Marvel wasn’t ready to do it yet. I think in the comic books she does eventually get into the suit and she has her own suit, and I know Robert was really interested in having Pepper do more in this movie, and it was also a factor in me coming back and getting to do things that were a little bit more fun and different and a little bit more adventurous. It would’ve still been nice, but it would’ve been very much the same thing just to be buttoned-up Pepper, and in this movie there’s a whole different experience of her. How hard is it to physically wear that suit?

Gwyneth Paltrow: I didn’t mind wearing the suit at all. I thought it was light and perfectly comfortable and my children thought I was extremely cool. They were here on a day where I was in it, so they were trying it on and when my son saw me in the suit, he had the biggest eyes, so it was definitely worth it. Is it cool for them to see Robert Downey, Jr. now that they understand he is Iron Man?

Gwyneth Paltrow: It’s funny because they didn’t realize it for a long time. My son was only one on the first movie, so obviously he had really no clue for “Iron Man” or “Iron Man 2,” but now for this movie he’s six and he’s super into Iron Man and Hulk. I remember the day he kind of put it together that Robert was Iron Man, because he has had an affinity for Robert his whole life. He really loves Robert, and now the fact that Robert’s Iron Man just puts an extra little spin on it. My kids loved him anyway, but it’s really fun I think for a little boy to realize that he’s friends with Iron Man. How hard did you have to commit to get into shape for Marvel’s “Iron Man”?

Gwyneth Paltrow: I’m a person who works out anyway, but I felt like for this movie that I needed to be in excellent shape. So a couple of weeks before I came back, I really hit it super hard and I tried to watch what I ate, which I’m not so good at doing. But I was very focused because I really wanted the whole end sequence to be unexpected and I thought if people saw me like that, fighting and in really good shape, that it would be an extra bonus for the movie to have. In this movie it seems like Iron Man is more vulnerable than ever before.

Gwyneth Paltrow: I think the reason why Tony Stark is such a popular cinematic hero is because of his vulnerability. I think in the second movie he was at his least vulnerable. In the first movie, he goes into his vulnerability and he finds it, and he sort of finds his humanity. And in this movie you really see his cracks. You really see the psychology behind why he is going through this metamorphosis that he needs to go through. He went through a dark period in his life, but I think in this movie he’s really trying to reconcile what’s what and who he wants to be and the direction that he wants to go in. Robert plays that kind of thing so beautifully. He’s an actor that can play so many notes at once, and it’s wonderful to see. The scene where he sends a fake Iron Man to Pepper and pretends it’s him could be that classic man thing of, “I just don’t want to deal with my girlfriend,” but I think it’s really Tony not wanting to be intimate. It’s a barrier between Pepper and Tony that he doesn’t necessarily want to cross. I think it’s painful for him to fully commit to her with his whole heart, because there’s a lot in there and he’s still reckoning with how to deal with it. You and Jon Favreau have a lot of great scenes together in this movie. How is it working with him in this film?

Gwyneth Paltrow: I was so thrilled that Jon was coming back. It was a little weird because I was used to him in the director’s seat, and at first it was strange having him on set and listening to somebody else tell me what to do. But Jon is so valuable to this franchise; he’s an integral part of Marvel’s success. It’ so cool that he came back to reprise his role of Happy Hogan and be in the film. It was really great to have him. I can’t imagine being on an Iron Man set without him. Why do you think Iron Man seems to be the cornerstone of the Marvel films and the one audiences always go back to?

Gwyneth Paltrow: I think the reason that Iron Man is so successful is because he’s that classic archetypal figure of somebody with incredible light and darkness, and that’s the story of all of us. We’re always trying to reconcile both sides of ourselves and all parts of ourselves, and there’s something about Iron Man that encompasses all of those qualities and it’s what we strive to do–accept our dark and make our light brighter. Robert is incredibly charismatic and funny, and I think the Pepper and Tony relationship is always at the heart of the movies. People love to see that relationship. So many people said about “Marvel’s The Avengers,” “I’m so happy Pepper was in [there].” It gave the movie a center. Even though it was one scene, I think Pepper’s relationship to Tony is something that keeps the movie grounded. It’s always in reality, and it’s always funny and full of love but always witty. It’s a real relationship. I think people like to see that and they like to see a woman who’s so loving and supportive of her man but also keeps him in check. It’s a really sweet relationship. Set up the relationship between Aldrich -Killian and Pepper.

Gwyneth Paltrow: The idea is that Pepper and Killian knew each other previously. She mentions that she worked for him a long time ago and that he had asked her out and she wasn’t interested, so he’s always carried a little bit of a flame. It turns out to be a very complex layer of the plot–this sort of unrequited thing that he had for Pepper–and it motivates him to do some very scary things. This third installment is going to be a bit of a shift from the first two. What do you think this film is going to be?

Gwyneth Paltrow: I’m really curious to see this film because I feel that where it begins and where it ends is kind of brave and different and really interesting. And I think we’ve set ourselves up well for that. At the end of the first movie Tony Stark says, “I am Iron Man,” which is an unexpected thing. Normally, it’s left in the dark. The movies always end in an unexpected way, and I think this movie ends in a really unexpected way, and there’s real heart to it. It’s about discovering yourself and what’s really important. And of course it’s done with all the fireworks and action and excitement, but there’s really heart underneath it.


Paltrow is a class act. The part where she talks about her kids and her son’s thoughts on Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr. are fantastic. Imagine seeing your Mom in Iron Man armor at that age.

“Clean up your room. Don’t make me put on the armor young man!”

The Avengers cameo she discusses is also a nice touch. It’s important that characters from the individual hero movies make their way into the ensemble movies as well, as Paltrow said, it ties the movies together and grounds them.

What other parts did you find interesting? I’m really interested in her discussion of the finale fight scene that Pepper is in. It sounds like Pepper really gets to mix it up with the bad guys.

Just over a month to go, the only question I have left to answer is what format to see the movie in first, IMAX, 3D, regular?



Maestro of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kevin Feige has been spending a lot of his time answering questions about Iron Man 3.  The flick releases May 3rd, and in his recent chat with Feige gives us a straight answer on Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) suiting up, Tony’s – and Robert Downey, Jr‘s – budding relationship with ten year old, Harley, played by Ty Simpkins, plus how this time the stakes are higher than ever before. First, what is the deal with Pepper? From what we’ve seen in the trailer is looks like she’s got a more involved role. Kevin?

The love triangle in this movie is really between Tony, Pepper and the suits. Tony, Pepper and his obsession with those suits, and the obsession with technology. And, it’s sort of unique for a big superhero summer blockbuster franchise to have that kind of layers.

Yes, there’s a bad guy. Yes, the stakes are very, very high–the President of the United States is in danger. Air Force One is attacked. There are big stakes to this movie. But the real stakes are, is Tony going to be able to set aside the obsession to spend all day, every day in that workshop, tinkering with the suits in order to focus on, as he says in the trailer, the one thing that matters most – Pepper. And that actually is what the entire movie’s about.

But, will we see her suit up?

I will tell you this. In this movie [Iron Man 3] we play with the convention of the damsel in distress. We are bored by the damsel in distress. But, sometimes we need our hero to be desperate enough in fighting for something other than just his own life. So, there is fun to be had with “Is Pepper in danger or is Pepper the savior?” over the course of this movie.

In terms of where we go with future movies, we’ll see. In the comic books she does get a taste for the suit and becomes her own hero named Rescue, who doesn’t necessarily battle other people, but is on missions to help people and to save people. Will we do that down the line with Gwyneth Paltrow? Who knows. But her being in the suit is something we have been playing with since Iron Man 2, where we did some designs and it didn’t end up fitting in that movie. But the little taste you saw here [in an Iron Man 3 clip] is something that we’re certainly interested in.

I’m a little disappointed we won’t see her as Rescue this time around. Who knows, maybe we will, but his comments lead me to believe that’d be the next step of her evolution. Here’s hoping we’ll get another Iron Man flick so we can see this happen. Or maybe in The Avengers 2, I’d be down with that. What do you think, Pepper Potts in a suit for The Avengers sequel? Hell, anything to bring more women to the team, amirite?

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Iron Man 3 releases on May 3rd of next year, and when it does it’ll not only be the first non-Jon Favreau directed Iron Man film but it’ll also be the first of the post-Avengers Marvel movie. No pressure, Shane Black.

But if you caught the trailer that released a few weeks back you’ll know what we’ve seen looks not only promising, but freakin’ amazing! Here’s another reason to be excited: recently during a talk in São Paulo, Brazil, Marvel Entertainment International President Simon Philips may have let it slip that Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) would indeed be getting her own suit of armor!

CBM picked up on the story originally reported by Brazilian entertainment site, Omelete. Unfortunately, that story is gone having been replaced with this statement, “information removed at the request of Disney.” Hmm, does that make it even more likely? Possibly. Here’s what CBM was able to grab before the removal,

A transcription of the spoilerific report, via Protocida, reveals that Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) will eventually have an underground Hall of Armors with at least 16 new armors, including a few classic designs from the comics. Simon Philips also revealed, or confirmed, that Virginia Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) will indeed get in on the action, this time by donning her own suit of armor.

At this year’s Comic-Con Favreau and Paltrow had mentioned getting Potts into some armor was something they always wanted to do, and even Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said, “Everyone at this table thinks it would be the coolest thing in the world to see Pepper get in the suit at some point.” Have they made it happen? Will we see Rescue, the name of Pepper’s suited persona, appear in Iron Man 3? I don’t know about you guys but it’s something I really, really want to see. Even for a moment.

And speaking of things we’ll see, as filming for Iron Man 3 wrapped in North Carolina there was a Star News report that included a tiny bit of information about The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) and his Ten Rings terrorist group’s plot.

This could be more spoilery than Paltrow possibly suiting up. Proceed with caution.


It’s a Superhero Movie News Roundup!


Hollywood always makes movies in bulk. Meaning, at one point they were spitting out westerns left and right, then there was a time when musicals lit up the marquee lights, now? It’s superhero movies. Every cape is getting a flick; Superman, Wolverine even that obscure dude, Kick-Ass got a movie. (Except if your a female crime fighter, then you don’t get a movie. Sorry, just a little womanly rage escaping. And no, that Elecktra movie bullshit doesn’t count, I want good movies.) Now is the age of the superheroes and here’s what’s going down in movie adaptation land.

Mark Ruffalo sees himself become mean and green; Hugh Jackman has faith in Darren Aronofsky; Christopher Nolan speaks about The Dark Knight Rises, but as usual, only a little; and Gwyneth Paltrow might not be in Iron Man 3! ( I doubt it.).

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Iron Man

What?!  Say it ain’t so, Gwyneth Paltrow will not be reprising her role as the adorable and head strong assistant love interest of Tony Stark in the upcoming Avengers film.  When Paltrow was recently asked by Collider if Joss had asked her to star in The Avengers Paltrow commented,

No. No Pepper. I think it’s a for sure. I think they’re starting shooting soon and they probably would have asked me by now.

Now clearly it’s not the end of the world if Pott’s character doesn’t appear in the Avengers since it is a pretty small part.  However, sometimes it’s the little things that matter.  Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr. have great chemistry and Paltrow has a presence on screen that one cannot deny.  I for one will the character if it’s doesn’t make an appearance.  She’s what makes Tony seems real; he has all these emotions going through him for her and that along with his flawed existence as an occasional drunk is what connects him to the rest of.  Although, if the Pott’s character doesn’t make an appearance in The Avengers like the interviewer said, “There’s always Iron Man 3, right?”.  Check out part of the interview here.

In other Marvel movie news, President Kevin Feige did a Q&A with The LA Times’ Hero Complex.  In the interviews he reveals a little bit about some characters as well as upcoming projects.

He reveals that Iron Man will have a new set of armor in The Avengers.

Joss would kill me if I gave anything away, but I will say that the evolution you saw his armor take in IM2 will continue in The Avengers.

He also tells us there will be a reference to Thors original alter-ego in the upcoming film.

People looking for a reference to Don Blake in the Thor film will find one.

We also learn that Marvel has gotten the rights to Punisher back.

Punisher’s back in house, and various plans are in the works.

Feige also fills us in that the Ant-Man script is still be worked on by Edgar Wright, that he thinks Jessica Jones would make a good Miss Marvel and that the Thor trailer might be playing in front of showing of Tron.

Source: ComicBookMovie, SlashFilm