Perpetual Testing Initiative

Yesterday we shared the exciting news that Valve would be releasing new Portal 2 DLC allowing players to easily create their own test chambers. Today, Cave Johnson, president of Aperture Science, released a video explaining all about the new Perpetual Testing Initiative.

What a sad little octopus. At least that octopus won’t have to suffer through what I’m sure will be the agonizing test chambers soon to be created. The DLC will be available via Steam for PC and Mac on May 8th.

All right, start planning now. It’s all for science…you monsters.

Source: Kotaku

If you haven’t yet tried your hand at the Portal games, you’re missing out some of the most fun and ingenious gaming around. Portal and its even better sequel, Portal 2 are basically first person puzzle games, yet so much more. With a captivating and at times hilarious mystery you can only survive if you can solve all of Aperture’s test chambers. Now, if you have played Portal you know how frustrating some chambers can be. So much so you might say, hurl your controller across the room while you curse Wheatley’s name. Not that I’m speaking from personal experience or anything.


On May 8th you to can create your own impossibly hard levels within Aperture with Valve‘s official Portal 2 level creator called the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Sadly, and I’m saying this as someone who plays on the Xbox, the creator is only available via Steam for PC and Mac. But it sounds so cool I think I’ll be checking it out anyway.

Valve says you’ll be able to “easily create, share, and play Portal 2 puzzles” with the new DLC, which lets you publish maps directly to Steam. Other players will be able to browse, vote, and download user-created maps to play in their own versions of the game.

What kind of evil puzzles will you think up? I imagine it would have to involve lots of turrets and maybe a few lasers thrown in to add some deadly circumstances.

Source: Kotaku