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We’ve seen all the trailers and the other promotions, so let’s get into the good stuff and some honest to God clips from the Man of Steel. First up is a familiar scene to Superman fans, over-zealous reporter Lois Lane (Amy Adams) getting chewed out by her boss, Daily Planet editor-in-chief, Perry White (Laurence Fishburne).

I can’t say I’m entirely sure what it is that Lois is in trouble for, but its some damn good watching and the dynamic, at least, feels right. To my mind, this movie can’t come out fast enough at this point.


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If you’ve watched any of the Man of Steel trailers you know this is most definitely not the same Superman who soared the sky to a score from John Williams. Zack Snyder is giving us Superman for a new generation and with that comes a few significant changes. For one, Perry White is now a black man and is played by Laurence Fishburne, that we know for sure. There are a couple other changes we’ve yet to confirm, and writer David S. Goyer recently spoke to I Am Rogue about those very rumors.

There’s the noticeable exclusion of Lex Luthor, Superman’s archenemy, to which Goyer remarks, “I don’t think anyone has ever confirmed that we haven’t included him.” There needs to be variety, Batman isn’t always fighting The Joker, but it’s a pretty good guess he’ll face him at some point in every incarnation of the character. I expect Luthor’s a shoe-in for a Man of Steel sequel, and he may still appear to a lesser extent in this film, which seems to be Goyer’s hinting at.

What of Jimmy Olson no longer being Jimmy but rather a Jenny? “I can’t comment on that,” says Goyer. I’d take that as a yes. We know Rebecca Buller is playing Jenny, and we see her in the trailer running from a collapsing Daily Planet with Perry White, what more proof do we need? If the trick to updating Superman for newer audiences was diversifying his supporting cast a bit, then cheers guys, you did it. Speaking of which, Goyer also addressed the “controversy” over Fishburne playing the perpetually white, Perry White, saying,

I thought it was an awesome choice. I think that it is silly that people are like, ‘You can’t have a black guy named White.’ But I’m like, well what about Barry White? I thought that was stupid. You just want to get the best actor.

Agreed. There’s nothing about being white that’s integral to the character of Perry White, just as there’s no reason Superman’s Best Pal can’t be a chick. These casting decisions in particular have me more excited for Man of Steel than I would have thought. Superman’s a tough property to adapt partially because so often people are afraid to play with it, to change it, to update it. I didn’t hate Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, but there was nothing new or exciting going on. That’s what Man of Steel is hoping to bring, a refreshing spin on a classic character that will please fans new and old. No easy task, I know.

Are you excited for Man of Steel? Do these changes to the Superman mythos intrigue you or piss you off?

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